Ceaser Slams VH1 for Sky’s ‘Black Ink Crew’ Departure + Makes Some Serious Accusations

Photo Credit: VH1/YouTube

Ceaser plans to return to television.

Black Ink Crew” star Ceaser had a very controversial departure from the show. Fans were outraged after a video of him allegedly abusing a dog went viral on social media. Donna was one of the first people to address it. And she said that VH1 has allowed Ceaser to get away with a lot over the years. So she wanted to see if they were going to hold him accountable for the video. Miss Kitty also chimed in and said that complaints that she and others made about Ceaser weren’t taken seriously. She nearly sued him after he pushed her out over the rumors regarding Ryan. Then Dutchess also spoke out. She accused Ceaser of being abusive and alleged that those in power didn’t do anything when she voiced this.

Ceaser would later say that the footage released was actually recorded by his own security camera. So he seriously believed his ex-girlfriend Suzette leaked it out of revenge due to their nasty breakup. Suzette denied leaking the footage. And she claimed it was her dog Ceaser allegedly abused.

Another cast member who had a messy exit from the show is Sky. Interestingly enough, Ceaser discussed Sky’s departure during an interview recently. Not only does he plan to return to reality television with Sky by his side, but he made some serious accusations about VH1, too.

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  1. Oh please
    Stop whining. She was making up ignorant fool out of herself every single episode and he was enabling her. And he stayed on that show years without her. Couldn’t have been that upset

  2. Someone in those YouTube comments said they loved that Ceaser took accountability in this clip. Umm, he actually didn’t 🥴.

  3. Sky was fired a few years ago and Ceaser had no problem staying on the show without her. If he wasn’t fired, he’d still be on the show now. Ceaser also watched the producers do shady stuff to multiple people and he didn’t care and sometimes even helped them tear people down. He and Sky will go right over to Zeus network for a coin because they haven’t learned anything at all. It never ends well when you agree to exploit yourself for a check.

  4. Disappointed in him! He had a great thing going and messed it up. Smh. When you in the lime light someone somewhere is watching and recording. Could be Walt that leaked that footage…..now I don’t believe he put hands on Duchessshe was crazy. I think she may have put hands on him a few time though.

  5. I thought he had all these shops that were making money.He should know by now that these networks dont want black reality shows unless you’re making a fool of yourself. I stopped watching any of them for this reason.

  6. He can’t be too mad at Vh1 because they’re still using his image to close out uploads of Black Ink:Chicago on YouTube.
    Which means he’s getting a check each time.

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