Sky Addresses the Current State of ‘Black Ink Crew’

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Ceaser took issue with his exit from “Black Ink Crew.”

Black Ink Crew” just wrapped up one of the most controversial seasons yet. Ahead of the season premiere, Ceaser got caught up in a serious situation. He was accused of abusing a dog in footage that was leaked from his security camera. Ceaser and those close to him accused his ex-girlfriend Suzette of being the person who leaked it. Suzette denied this. Regardless, some fans of the show were completely disgusted by the video. So they rallied with Donna after she called for VH1 to fire Ceaser from the show. VH1 then decided to part ways with Ceaser. And they said that although he was let go, they would still keep footage from scenes he already filmed. So fans would be able to watch the events that led to his departure.

In an interview, Ceaser said that his exit from the show was unfair. In fact, he claimed that he thought the decision to fire him was made way too swiftly. And he felt like the network should have conducted a lengthier investigation.

Ceaser also accused the network of taking the dog abuse accusations more seriously than the abuse accusations made by his daughter Cheyenne. So he suspected that those in power cared more about an animal than his child. And he also claimed that the investigation conducted about the abuse claims was more thorough.

Sky had something to say on social media recently.

Interestingly enough, Donna and some of Ceaser’s critics accused Ceaser of refusing to take accountability for his firing from “Black Ink Crew.” And Donna went on to say that she was surprised he was fired because he had never been held accountable before by producers.

However, Ceaser didn’t necessarily have the best things to say about the producers in the interview. He brought up Sky’s controversial departure from the show.

Seasons ago, Sky had a very heated moment with her youngest son Des while filming. Things became physical and producers suspended Sky from the platform. Although some fans figured she was fired, Sky would later say she made the choice to walk away. So she threw a little shade in reference to the show’s dip in ratings. And she told her supporters that no longer being on “Black Ink Crew” was the best thing for her mental health and spiritual growth. She’s also on much better terms with both of her sons.

Although Ceaser is no longer on the show, it’s speculated that the show will continue without him. And Puma and Teddy may now be in charge while running their own shop together.

Well, Sky recently tweeted about the cast changes. She didn’t hold back either.

She wrote, “Let’s Keep it 💯 #blackink Hasn’t been the same since We departed On to bigger and better plans 🤭…….On to bigger and better plans ❤️!!!!”


  1. I saw this train coming…
    I wonder what Dutchess thinks…
    Ceaser didn’t become a boss until he started opening other shops which is cool but he became a lil too big for his britches.. very intimidating at times.
    He was coming at everyone.
    Now look at him. Puma said all of that preaching about protecting the brand and look who messed it all up.
    I don’t feel one way about it.
    Maybe Puma & Ted can bring it back if they want to.

    1. You are absolutely right his whole demeanor change he got such the big head and treated people like they were nothing I’m glad he got canceled not for everybody else but him Ted I don’t like neither one of them because they’re not the same people puma still cool

      1. I think that’s the point they were making. Dutchess made things interesting. She was a good source of drama and conflict. So was Sky, Ceaser, Donna, and Kitty. This show is done.

    1. No I disagree. It became crap once Caesar head got 2 big. But let’s keep it a buck. Ted does nothing but screw everything in the shop, walk around like the world was his & puts the dog on a pedestal. Puma has the best chance @ making that show back great again. Leaving Donna, Kitty & Dutchess right where they are….. ABSENT.

      1. I totally agree 100% of everything you saying as far as Puma being able to run the shop and make the show great again but this is saying I would love to see black ink and continue and I think they should reverse what they did this season and let him come back let this be a severe Learning lesson for him he started black ink New York and Chicago he opened the door for they need to keep that in mind this is a major Legacy and with no season there’ll be no audience and if they don’t bring them back at least may come executive producer of his franchise.

      2. That was the old Ted, he is no longer like that, some people do change for the better unlike Caesar, he changed for the worst and Karma is a ________

      3. I agree. Puma is the only business minded guy that could keep things moving. He’s really a boss. The couch guy Ted is a BIG joke. Ceasar only gave him a position of power bcuz they’re cousins, but he only used it for screwing the women in the shop. He has no experience in anything in the tattoo industry. And yes, leave Donna half baked ass where she is. She putting her 2 cents in and she beating up on men. Dutchess is doing fine on our own, but I did like Kitty even though her position seems to had been made up.

    2. Dutchess was a trainwreck and needed to be cut. She was a messy sh-t starter but scared to throw them hands. I’m glad that they let her go. The show was better for everyone without her but Caesar became a A-shole

      1. Duchess was not fired. She left and turned down an offer to start filming scenes from her own shop. The ratings dropped and never recovered after Duchess left. And that is the real issue. Producers made some bad decisions based off comments from fans. They didn’t realize that the fans don’t know what we’re doing. So they listened when fans demanded they fire Ceaser. Honestly, Walt, Sky, and Donna shouldn’t have been fired either. But producers kept thinking it’s what fans wanted bc of silly comments they read on IG and Twitter.

        1. No, Donna definitely needed to be set down, she was just doing too d-mn much. The other two I agree but Caesar deserves a second chance, he kind of needed this to help humble himself…

          1. Lol I feel you. I just love and miss all the OGs. I hate how everything played out because this show was iconic.

          2. I agree Donna was doing too much and she is a hater I hope they wouldn’t bring her back as for me no Caesar no show for me won’t be watching it no more

      2. Dutchess was a cry baby a-s female! Always starting stuff and then CRYING EVERYTIME WE TURN AROUND…then spent the end of the show crying about her heart, MAKING THAT AND ONLY THAT AN EXCUSE FOR all her bs!

    3. I am from NY, I took a old friend to black ink to get a tattoo and he wanted to charge $100 for a small butterfly on her hand.

      1. There’s a such thing as a shop minimum! Size of tatt don’t matter don’t change the fact that they took their time , effort and used their non reusable supplies ! Every shop has a shop minimum no matter how small the tattoo is ! My bf works at a shop and the minimum is 125$ . So 100$ tattoo is reasonable expecially considering they were celebrities!

    4. I Loved the show !! Every situation has its problems ; just gotta work Together and made Plans together to work thru for All .. So Sorry and was Shocked that the Show was cancelled.. Had a Weird feeling it was gonna happen..
      Prayers towards The Whole Crew ; Especially Caesar ..👏👏😌💝

  2. I think things will never be the same without ceaser,please bring him back,please! It just won’t be the same!!!!!!!!!!

  3. It was wack since Duchess lift. I wanted to see more tattoos then mf getting high, fighting and fake butts shaking 🤷

    1. not she was Chaotic as heck also.

      Tattoos was what Black ink was to be about tats in the blk. areas turned into crap every Season..

  4. Ceaser made Black Ink. If it had not been for him. There would be no Black Ink Chicago or Black Ink tattoos shops anywhere. He made a mistake. In my opinion he should not be taken off the show. If the show is brought back with Ted & Puma. Well you just lost a viewer!

  5. I think I should bring him back it was a old video people was hating on him cuz he wanted to better his shot so y’all should get him another chance

  6. I would like to see cesar on the show and it will be different without his presence but u cant keep threating peoples job when things don’t go your way. He also didnt want Crystal or Roc to move on unless he had his hand in their shop. I thought the purpose was to hel them grow into their own, not to have a percentage of everybody you helped and definetly not put Bkack ink on everyone shop. Ted was wrong for telling Roc that him and Crystal wont be nothing without Black Ink. You gotta be careful of the things you say to people God will definitely turn the situation around and he did.

  7. The show is fake , Went Dutchess on the show , My son took me to the shop none of the people on the show was there , The receptionist was very nice a tall white lady , A Chinese man was tattooing someone , I asked we will Caesar and Duchess she said they was out Christmas shopping .

  8. If the video was old why is my guy Cease being punished for it? I don’t believe in animal cruelty at all but let’s admit Cease is the man and made black ink. Bring my guy back please. He’ll be a good guy and learned his lesson. I like Puma and Cease running things together

  9. It just doesn’t make sense to fire people from reality shows for bad behavior. Like the whole reason we watch reality shows is to watch flawed people be transparent. Is it not?

  10. I don’t think Cesar should have been fired necessarily because we all make mistakes. WHO HERE THAT IS WITHOUT SIN, LET HIM OR HER CAST THE FIRST STONE. Do I think he should be reprimanded for his actions…… Absolutely. But totally disbanding him from a brand that he brought into fruition is beyond ridiculous.

  11. Y’all forgetting Black Ink is still Caesar’s business just because he was fired from the show he still gon eat so if they run that show with out him he can sue and collect his royalties for the name. How much u wana bet they change the name or no show at all. At the end of the day it’s still business

  12. Let Cesar back he just needed to be humbled! Bet you Won’t go get U No thick Country Girl No More! 😂🤣😂🤣🤦🏽‍♀️😜; That’s who got you Knocked! Wtw did you do to her? 🤷🏽‍♀️

  13. I think Cesar learned his lesson. It’s not for us to judge anyone regardless. He should be allowed to come back but with stipulations. It’s always somebody trying to hold back a great entrepreneur. I’m not saying what he did was right but look at all the fights between the females and glass being thrown. Let’s not do double standards!!! It’s still his businesses. And you never know someone else just might pick him up and make him an offer!!

  14. Wait I love Puma but Teddy should have left with his cousin Caesar, what kind of cousin would take over something that his cousin got his couch potato butt on the show doing nothing but getting FAT! He always seems jealous of Ceasasar so he’s glad he got fired.

  15. They should not have fired Cesaer!!! I love animals and what he did was wrong. My question is why are animals treated better than human beings? When MLK marched they had dogs attacking people. Need I say who they are. When people were protesting for BLM same scenario. The same people who used the dogs to attack the people during the protests are the same people who fired Cesaer. But it’s ok to go kill a d-mn deer and put the deer’s head on their walls and have a bear skinned and have the bear skin on the floor as rug in their home. Wtf

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