Mimi Faust Quits LHHATL

Weeks ago it was rumored that the entire cast of “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” would be replaced for season six, and Mimi Faust was one of the first cast members to deny the reports on social media.

Now Mimi is actually deciding to walk away on her own terms.

While beefing with Joseline Hernandez has been one of the reality show’s main focuses since the first season, we’re assuming it’s now one of the main reasons Mimi announced that she is quitting the show.

She tweeted the following hours ago:

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  1. For some reason I don’t believe her. A couple days ago she was trying to fake another relationship for attention. I think Mimi would have to be fired to be done with this show.

  2. I honestly hope the rumors about all of them getting fired are true now. This season was dreadful and none of them are interesting anymore. So maybe they were all fired and Mimi is trying to save face and pretend she quit. She would so something like that.

  3. She announced this like most people watch for her. She always had to depend on Joseline and Stevie for a storyline. News is one of them leaving the show.

  4. Mimi is honestly one of the most try hard people on the show. Anyone willing to make a s-x tape to keep the checks coming isn’t going to leave until they are forced out. So this makes me think she was fired.

  5. But who is going to miss her though? I know I won’t. She is always trying to act like she’s the most sane on the show when she’s even more messy than Joseline. I’m over her fake self righteous self. She can go!

  6. K Michelle already put the show on blast for being fake, not that we ain’t already know. Probably why she wanna quit now

  7. Goodbye. She is literally one of the most boring people on there anyway. Even her fake relationships couldn’t make her interesting to me.

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