Atlanta Police Department Addresses Tamar and Vince’s Altercation (UPDATE)

Photo Credit: WEtv
Photo Credit: WEtv

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Tamar Braxton and Vincent Herbert are back in the news because rumor has it they got into it so bad recently, Tamar had to get the police involved.

Now the police department is speaking out about the incident.

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  1. Tamar is just going to tweet about how untrue this is and how in love they are. But I’m not buying it. It’s been too many things coming out about these two for me to think their marriage is good. Something is up.

  2. So the police basically confirmed they did get into it. Does any marriage in Hollywood work out if someone lets the spouse manage them?

  3. I really hope he didn’t put his hands on her and they just argued. Tamar has already been in an abusive relationship and I really hope she didn’t just end up in another one. Especially with them having a child together. If Vince is beating on her, I hope she gets the strength to leave.

  4. Yeah I’m starting to believe the tea about these two. I’m just waiting for the damage control at this point.

    1. I can’t tell you how many of her stans cussed me out when divorce rumors started being posted about them. Welp……..

  5. Vince’s fat a-s better watch it. Tamar is technically the breadwinner now. He better keep those sausage fingers to himself too. N-ggas who hit women have a special place in Hell.

  6. I would imagine all of Tamar’s career problems are doing a number on their marriage. And they are saying she was dropped by Epic as well.

  7. Looks like some old tea is being confirmed. Tamar needs to get her son and file for divorce. She’s been here before.

  8. Tamar just can’t catch a break I see. Vince sure had a lot of people fooled if he’s been abusing her. I just wish she would stop pretending like everything is good if he’s doing all this behind doors. She is making her own money now and she really doesn’t need him.

  9. Something in the milk ain’t clean. Tamar clearly called the police because Vince got really aggressive and as long as they have been together, it’s probably not the first time. Rumors have been around for a long time but now there’s proof that they have a lot of problems. I just hope she doesn’t feel pressured to stick around for her image.

  10. How can you think this is all Vince fault. His management style may not the reason her career is going down hill. Tamar attitude is what seems to be the problem. It does not manner who manage her or who she marry. If she does not fix that there will always be problems in her life friends, family, relationships and career.

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