1. So she thinks she’s too good for song challenges but being bitter on Instagram and throwing petty shade is some boss sh-t? Girl I guess.

  2. Brandy’s bitter a-s been feeling invincible since she took some boxing lessons. I guess that a-s whooping Monica gave her back in the day still gets to her.

  3. Brandy even turned off comments on her IG. She’s really insecure and bitter but trying to pretend she’s so unbothered.

  4. Some people just can’t take fading from the top gracefully. They start to lash out at everyone and holding on to the past because they just can’t accept they are no longer what they used to be. Brandy is a hot mess and I wish I could say I’m surprised she turned out this way but I’m not.

  5. It’s funny how every person she has fallen out with is doing well and seems happy. Meanwhile she seems so miserable.

  6. LMBO! For her to think a challenge is so beneath her it’s weird to see her be so bothered about it.

  7. Brandy is going to keep it up and come for the wrong person. This person won’t keep it cute like Monica did. They are going to drag her for filth and she’s going to get her feelings hurt. She needs to leave people alone. Especially when they aren’t even thinking about her.

  8. Monica ain’t no damn different. She’s fallen out with other women and can’t keep female friends herself so what makes her better than brandy?!

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