Tami Roman Wants You to Know…

Tami Roman is angry with Duffey for comments made about her daughter, and things got so heated that Tami had to be held back by security during the group’s trip.

VH1 writes:

Tami has had it and goes straight beast mode on Duffey in this Basketball Wives LA highlight. Duffey was talking a whole bunch of slick s–t about beating Tami up when her daughter isn’t around. Welp, in Portugal, there’s nothing but space and opportunity and instead of talking about it, Tami decides to be about it and makes a beeline straight for Duffey’s head. It takes Shaunie, about half of the crew, and a prayer from Pope Francis for Duffey to walk out of that situation untouched. So much for a peaceful lunch. Good thing Shaunie didn’t pull out Tami’s braid because she could’ve caught the fade too by accident. Sheesh!

Tami stands by her actions and retweeted the following:
You can check out the video below:



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    1. I will never understand how people try so hard to defend Tami. What is there to defend? She’s one of the oldest women on the show and she fights the most. That’s a personality flaw.

  1. Huh? What a dumb tweet. Not all of us are out here fighting or even arguing on the internet. But how are they one in the same? Last time I checked you don’t get arrested for debating someone on the internet. The fact that she’s a mother and can’t comprehend the problem with her behavior is laughable.

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