Tami Roman Compares Herself to Laila Ali

Photo Credit: VH1
Photo Credit: VH1

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Tami Roman has defended her numerous BBW altercations in interviews and on social media quite often, and now she has some words for those who feel her latest feud with Duffey is nothing but immaturity.

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  1. But Laila is a trained boxer who got paid millions to box professionally. She’s not some fifty something bird fighting for peanuts on a reality show.

  2. Tami is so delusional it’s scary. I honestly feel sorry for her. She really thinks there’s an excuse for why someone her age is still fighting on TV.

  3. What a reach. And let’s be real. Tami wouldn’t step to anyone who can actually fight. That’s the difference between her and Laila. Tami knows who to try.

  4. They are action like high schoolers..RESPECT URSELF FIRST…YES DUFFY Is sickening with her I,I,I comments….IF Tami daughter was underage I could see her actin a fool….DAM, SHE’S GROWN & WILL HAVE TO STAND UP FOR HERSELF… U THINK…EVENTUALLY… TAMI, DOESN’T ACT LIKE SOMEONE TRYING TO CONCIEVE…GOD BLESS ALL

  5. Tami is a lost cause. What’s more disturbing is there’s a lot of people who see nothing wrong with her actions.

  6. Lmao I still luv Tami tho. I think Tami handled the situation as best as she could…Duffy likes to run her mouth I would’ve told her to shut ip and worry about making her child’s future graduations. Now the 1 that needs to get beat up is Jackie…the way she jumped in both the Angel’s faces like she was gonna beat them up.

  7. There’s nothing classy about Tami. And I believe deep down inside she knows her “career” is nothing to be proud of. She would prefer to be a real actress and not even have be on BBW to pay her bills. Those that are the most comfortable with their lives and choices don’t spend so much time defending it.

  8. I don’t even know why she’s bringing Evelyn into this. Ev was smart enough to get out of Shaunie’s trap and got knocked up by a baseball player. Now she’s got her own show on OWN and her fighting days are over. Even she realized she had gotten too old for the bs.

  9. If her being upset was really about her child Tami would’ve let it go after Duffy apologized to Jazz. This whole thing was about Tami trying to let the new girl know who is the HBIC and being mad cause Duffy didn’t show her the proper deference. Tami is full of sh-t.

  10. Class has nothing to do with it but if Tammie really wanted to get Duffy she had a chance the day she fired her, just cause her daughter was there so what it was about her. These ladies do way too much talking and yelling at each other and they claim to be so hard. You see Joseline at their reunion she took 3 of them on and since then none gave her no problem. Tammie would really hurt Duffy so maybe it is best.

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