Tamar Braxton Has Heated Exchange with Follower over Baby Logan + Toya Wright Throws Some Shade?

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Tamar Braxton is still clapping back on her Instagram account.

Hours ago, she had a few words with a follower after they suggested Baby Logan starts getting speech therapy.

That didn’t sit well with Tamar…at all.

Click next for the details.

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  1. Tamar is so childish and immature. Why is it so hard for her to stop reading her mentions all day long? And Toya must still be bothered if she’s still throwing shade. These adults need to start acting like adults.

    1. Me either that’s why I don’t understand why Tamar got so mad. She is always ready to get worked up about something. I think it’s because her marriage is a mess.

  2. We live in a time where everyone is trying to throw shade. I honestly think Tamar thought that lady was trying to shade her baby so she snapped. It was a misunderstanding. And Toya should stop trying to be petty and teach her baby daddy about racism and BLM since she has some free time. Especially since she’s still in love with his ignorant behind.

  3. Really Toya? I thought she was on a positive kick. How is she any better than Tamar at this point? Petty.

    I feel Tamar on this. It’s hard to determine when people are being shady on the internet at times. So I get it.

  4. How often do parents go off on people for their kids?? People only feel Tamar is wrong because they don’t like her. Had this been someone they like, the response would be Yasss read them boo!

  5. It’s hard to properly read someone’s tone on the internet sometimes. Tamar cussed out someone who was really just trying to help. But at least she apologized.

  6. So now talking about someone’s kids is a no no? I wish she followed that rule when she was talking about Blue Ivy’s hair. Tamar is such a hypocrite. That’s why it’s hard to ever feel sorry for her.

  7. Speech therapy has nothing to do with someone’s intelligence. It’s just a tool to help people speak clearer and have better pronunciation. That wasn’t a diss or shade at all. Tamar just took it that way because she’s super petty and sensitive.

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