Team Petty: Tamar Braxton Strikes Again

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Tamar Braxton made headlines weeks ago when she promptly unfollowed Toya Wright and Monica after they made appearances on “The Real,” and now her good friend Tiny Harris is her latest victim.

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    1. Cause she might not be getting a show cause if she was Monica being on the REAL would not bother her. Tamar is a big HATER!!!!

  1. Tamar is only doing this because Monica is one of the people who they are thinking about hiring to replace her. Eve, Monica, Ashanti and I forgot the other person are auditioning. I can understand why Tamar is done with Monica. How do you audition for a job your friend was fired from?

    1. That’s called bullsh-t what you are saying, Tamar was just a host and if she couldn’t do the job then let someone else do it. The Real has been great since the muppet is no longer there. They now have great guess on the show and I heard a lot of guest didn’t want to come on the show because of Tamar, I hope they do give it to Monica, Tamar needs to move on.

    2. It is unreasonable to be mad at anyone bc they’re taking advantage of a business opportunity. As a friend if I lost my job and my friend needed it and could do it better.. why should I block his/her blessing? That’s just being mature.

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