Tamar Gets Dragged for Unfollowing Tiny

Tamar Braxton doesn’t understand why her unfollowing her own friends on social media is such a big deal.

In fact, weeks ago she claimed the blogs are overreacting, and she has the right to unfollow anyone she chooses.

It just so happens she’s been unfollowing any of her friends who show support to the talk show that booted her, “The Real.”

Tiny is Tamar’s latest victim, but when Tamar tried to defend her actions, she ended up getting dragged (screenshot via The Jasmine Brand):


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  1. Now I know how petty Tamar is and I do agree she needs to get over everything but why do strangers think they can just curse out these celebrities over the silliest things? Why does this person care so much anyway?

  2. Tamar is just getting that karma she’s been begging for. People are tired of her crap. Even the people who don’t even know her. She has her own show coming out with Steve Harvey so I don’t understand why she is still in her feelings. She was fired months ago. Move on.

  3. This chick is even more pathetic than Tamar is. Now why was all that even necessary? It’s too many angry people on the internet. They hate some of these celebrities like they personally took a dump in their Cheerios. It’s not that damn deep.

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