Brandy Shades Monica During Soul Train Awards Performance?

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Last night the Soul Train Music Awards aired on BET, and R&B singer Brandy was honored.

However, some seem to suspect she may have had Monica on the brain during her performance.

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  1. All this pettiness Brandy is throwing around…even when she’s being honored for something smh….just square up and fight her, get it over with…cause im not here for the established Brandy to continue to throw shade when she and Monica are menopausing and their kids are all grown

  2. I saw this when it aired and couldn’t do anything but shake my head. I don’t understand what it will take to make Brandy finally let it go. It’s been years.

  3. Brandy shaded Monica again with a Whitney post today too. She really hates the fact that Whitney also had a good relationship with Monica. She’s immature and insecure. That’s a bad combination of issues to have when you’re her age.

  4. You must be an insecure person to throw shade at someone on the night YOU are being honored. And why even do that? If I were being honored I would want the spotlight on me lol. All Brandy did was bring Monica more attention on her night.

  5. That’s so lame kinda funny she throwing shade but monica had way more hits than her and trust me Monica will be getting honored as well

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