1. It’s likely. Tamar has been doing the most over a job she hasn’t had for months now. I don’t doubt it’s over it.

    1. Exactly. You will clash with your friends but you’re not supposed to throw them under a bus just because you had a disagreement. Tamar needs to grow up.

  1. Now see if Tiny responded and spilled some of Tamar and Vince’s tea Tamar would be somewhere crying and playing victim.

  2. Since when did she get back on good terms with Towanda? I guess since she lost all her friends because of her pettiness she went back crawling to Towanda.

  3. LOL. Tamar is lucky Tiny isn’t as petty as her because we all know her marriage to Vince isn’t any better.

  4. I feel like Tamar does all this on social media cause she knows if she ever tried it in real life she would get her a-s beat. Honestly that’s just what she needs, I bet she’ll stop after that. She’s going to pick the wrong one one day.

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