Brandy and Her Mother Explain Why the Monica Shade Won’t Stop

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

The other day Brandy made headlines because she shaded Monica during her Soul Train Awards performance.

Now Brandy is defending her actions.

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  1. It’s very sad to see her mother cosigning her pettiness and grudge holding. I would think a parent would push their children to be better than this. This is beyond petty and Brandy and her mother look very childish right now.

  2. So basically, now the both of them are continuing to put the spotlight on Monica although it should have been on Brandy? Lol ok.

  3. So we see where Brandy gets her petty bullsh-t from. Her momma. Ain’t no damn way I want my momma on Instagram encouraging me to be petty as f-ck when I’m damn near 40 years old. Now I can see why Ray J turned out the way he did.

  4. Both of them are just hoping Monica stoops down to Brandy’s level but it’s not going to happen. I’m really embarrassed for Brandy. She’s a legend but she’s pressed about someone who really doesn’t care about what happened years ago. Monica has moved on with her life. If Brandy had any real maturity she would do the same.

  5. The vocal bible? Girl goodbye. Whitney Houston is the vocal bible and always will be. I’m mad Jazmine Sullivan started that mess and it did nothing but inflate Brandy’s big head even more than it already is.

    1. That’s who started that bulsh-t? Well dam…maybe Monica need to lay hands on that b-tch again. But then again MO is doing the mature thing by keeping it classy..”vocal bible”? Sh-t somebody was delusional as hell..

  6. This isn’t a good look for Brandy at all. I’m just glad my mom doesn’t even have an Instagram account nor would she ever encourage me to be messy like this. Monica should be flattered someone who is supposed to hate her thinks about her so much and is consumed by her.

  7. It’s kind of messed up how Brandy and her mom keep trying to drag Whitney into this. In fact, neither one of them were even there for Bobbi Kris during her short time on this earth. That’s my issue with Brandy. Don’t pretend you had something so special with Whitney when you weren’t there for her or her child during their darkest moments.

    1. Agreed, I think it’s so unnecessary to keep bringing Whitney up. I saw comments from Brandy’s Mom on IG saying Whitney wasn’t everyone’s Godmother after Monica said Whitney was her fairy Godmother. Like really?! They act as if Whitney was theirs and theirs alone. It’s annoying as hell.

    2. This. Man I was wondering if anyone else caught on. And if I’m not mistaken, Whitney felt some kind of way about Brandy before she passed because Brandy distanced herself from Whitney because she thought being close while Whitney was on drugs was a bad look for her image. I mean Brandy is the same one who faked a marriage because she didn’t want people to know she got knocked up before getting married.

  8. I honestly believe the real issue with Brandy is she’s angry and bitter she’s not in that top spot. She never imagined she’d have multiple flop albums and be reduced to making appearances on Love & Hip Hop. She wants to be the huge star she was so she keeps living in the past because there’s no way for her to be that huge again. And honestly when you look at the big music stars of today, they have surpassed Brandy’s success in the 90s. Not trying to rile up her stans but it’s just the truth. Brandy’s real issue is with herself. She’s bitter as hell her star has been topped by other black singers. That wasn’t supposed to happen according to her. Her mom always made her feel like the whole world revolved around her and now that is not the case so she’s taking her anger out on Monica. That’s why she keeps posting that tired barbie doll on her IG and bringing up Whitney. And that’s why she sang on that subway in that pathetic video. She misses the attention. She’s stuck on the past because her present ain’t what she wants it to be.

  9. I’m confused, when they made that song together a few years back weren”t they cool? They were acting buddy buddy at the video shoot

  10. You know there are 2 sides and unless you were in the room, we will never know the issues between them both. Maybe one day they can both sit and talk it out.

  11. The thing is no matter what happened between them, you’re only hurting yourself when you refuse to let the past go. Bitterness never hurts the one it’s targeted to, just the person who is holding on to the anger. Brandy couldn’t even get Monica off the brain during her performance. That’s sad no matter how you slice it.

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