1. It’s a stupid meme but it’s sad that it didn’t take much to make them bash black people. They couldn’t wait to bring up stereotypes about us, could they?

  2. Trina is always posting the dumbest sh-t on her FB page. I want to believe she’s not running it herself or at least I hope she isn’t this ignorant in real life.

    1. If she isn’t running it, she’s dumb for letting whoever it is run it for her. They are always posting links to ratchet fake news websites and posting ratchet memes all day.

  3. So they feel the meme is racist but they only showed they are even bigger racists in the comments? Just another day on the internet I suppose. LOL.

  4. I am NOT here for the racist comments about black women but Trina deserved to be dragged for this. This was really ignorant on her part and the meme isn’t even funny.

  5. Meh, celebrities have to be smarter. Use social media to promote yourself and keep off of it otherwise and you’ll be better off. Why is it that only a few of them understand that?

  6. They kill me with that stick together sh-t but wanna trash black women in the same breath. Hispanic women have always thought they were superior. I’m half. Lack n Dominican and have family member who think that bc they are lighter they are better and tinny face say ridiculous things and we are family. Now because the white racist are showing them that they think we ALL are nothing because we ALL are non white Hispanics want to unify with people of color and “stick together ” it’s so laughable. Y’all looking for us to unify with y’all cuz they about to throw y’all a-ses back across the border cuz of trump. Don’t hold ya breathe waiting for my support. Y’all should of been with us long before so cut that unity sh-t. It’s disgusting and a slap to the face. Especially when y’all still think y’all are better than blacks.

  7. It’s disappointing to see them dragging black people like this. We should stick together but even they are racist to African Americans.

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