RHOA Sneak Peek: Porsha Leaves Kandi Speechless

In a preview clip of the upcoming RHOA episode, Kandi and Porsha have a sit down at an Atlanta restaurant. The tea and insults were plentiful.

Not long into the sit down, things get heated. Porsha claims that she has insider knowledge that Todd set up a date with a woman that is not Kandi. She also doubles down on having knowledge on what goes on in Kandi and Todd’s bedroom:

“So you like the fact that your husband has other chicks he goes with and dates? You think you only share in your room?

“As a Matter of fact, why don’t call him and ask him what he told a woman in New York last weekend; telling her his name is Marvin… so that he can cheat”

During her green screen interview, Porsha says:

“All of this is in the streets in Atlanta. Probably the same streets Momma Joyce listens to. Might wanna go clean those up before bringing this attention to Porsha boo boo. Go clean these streets up. Go clean those blogs up…”

Kandi, not to be outdone dropped some tea of her own about Porsha:

“But didn’t you ask me to eat my m****f***** p**** b****!?”

At this point, the sit down accomplished nothing as insults where thrown back and forth before Kandi removed herself from the situation before things got too hot.

Check out the clips below.

True Tea P ? Part (1/2)

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Part (2/2)

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      1. Exactly. And it’s not like anything Porsha said hasn’t been said already. It’s always been rumored that Kandi had a secret girlfriend for years. And Todd’s never hid the fact that he’s not all that attracted to Kandi so it’s not hard to believe that he would want another woman in the bedroom with them.

  1. Well isn’t this what Kandi wanted? She said she wasn’t taking any crap this season so why did she walk away? It makes me think Porsha said some facts.

  2. So the new hood Kandi couldn’t get Porsha together here? I guess she’s not so bold when she doesn’t have an audience around. Girl bye.

  3. I’m still not clear on why Porsha and Kandi have an issue. Seems like it’s over Phaedra and if that’s the case, Porsha should stop doing the absolute most for a fake friend who doesn’t even have her back.

  4. So next week is when it really goes down. Funny how Porsha is the one who they feel is so angry and no one bats an eyelash at Kandi’s anger issues.

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