Being Mary Jane Recap: Is Lee the One?

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By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Things are really heating up between Mary Jane and her boyfriend Lee.

Here’s a recap of “Getting Home.”

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  1. This episode really made me like Lee. Now I’m paranoid he’s going to do something really messed up to ruin everything.

    1. I know right? Like this is the first time ever she’s been allowed to be happy and in a healthy relationship. This probably won’t last.

    2. I think it’s because stability has never been a thing for MJ outside of her career and family. But it’s nice to see her happy and in a healthy relationship. I just want her to chill on telling him to say he loves her. That bothers me.

  2. Good episode. I really like Lee alot and I think his surprise visit went well. Feel like something or someone is going to come around and mess it up but I hope not. I also enjoyed the dialog about Southern food. So many of us are, whats the word they used….sadiddy lol when it comes to soul food. Yes we know its fattening, and this that and the next. It was also made out of the resilience of our people and I love that they touched on that. Respect it. Also loved that they brought light to the differences with punishments between children based on their race. They mess with our communities literally starting with the babies and it’s so sickening.

  3. Sh-t Lee had to grow on me. But now I like him a lot. I just have a feeling I won’t like his a-s at the end of the season.

  4. Lee is ok in my book. He’s just not a looker like the others from past seasons but that’s ok if he’s treating her better.

    1. I noticed that too and I wonder if they purposely did that. Sometimes women always go after their type but wind up falling for what they normally wouldn’t. Maybe there’s a hidden message lol.

  5. I loved this episode as well as the one before. It just proves that her moving to New York wasn’t the best move for the show.

  6. IDK why everyone keeps saying Lee is ugly. I personally think he’s an attractive guy who just so happens to be a good one. I’ve run into some guys who weren’t lookers and were still a$$holes just like I’ve run into the ones who were fine as hell and jerks. To each their own I guess!

  7. Lee IS a looker and his personality is amazingly refreshing and attractive. Will he last? A few things, MJ has not met the children or their mom… and I am hoping to be 200% wrong, but I think her old flame, David, will come back on the scene… He loved here deeply I believe, but MJ was all over the place. David wanted stability, a wife, a family. Overall, I love the show, I love how Neeci’s love for the children and their well-being is her number one priority. I look forward to the show every day!!

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