Woman Claims She Has a Daughter with Vincent Herbert, Tamar Braxton Responds

Photo Credit: WE tv

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Tamar Braxton is clapping back at claims that her husband Vince Herbert has an estranged child with another woman.

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  1. It’s very possible this woman is lying because nowadays people will steal pictures of other people’s kids and pretend they are the parent. People are doing the strangest things for attention nowadays.

    1. Exactly!! That woman needs to show some real receipts!! If he’s been paying her money over the years then she should post the proof to IG!!

  2. Here’s my thing…… The girl didn’t say anything about Tamar denying this child. For all Tamar knows, Vince was keeping this from her as well. I’m not saying I believe the claims, but I do think Tamar should fact check before entering her Dear Diary entry on IG, only to be embarrassed later should tests prove otherwise. People make false claims all day but what got my attention is her saying Vince stopped paying….. red flag.

  3. I know we never know what people are capable of but a Google search for that image of that little girl proves this person was lying. They stole that picture from a hair article about biracial children. So I’m going to have to side with Tamar on this one.

  4. Just take the test and then we will know if Vincent is a player, Tamar is going to lose it if it is true, cause she thinks Vincent only wants her. If it is true then Tamar will have the same thing in common with her friend on Love and Hip HOP ATL.

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