1. I mean no matter how you slice it, Tamar is wrong. She is that child’s God Mother and she can’t start ignoring her just because she fell out with Tiny. Time for Tamar to get over herself and stop being so petty.

  2. Tiny and her mom got a lot to say to everyone except TI. That’s who they need to be shading and tag teaming.

  3. Tamar has to realize that being a God Mother doesn’t depend on how you feel about the child’s parent. It’s permanent.

  4. And I don’t blame Tiny’s mom one bit. Tamar really ended all her friendships over a job she hasn’t had in a year. She is so petty and childish.

  5. I’m currently in this situation myself so all I’m going to say is this. It’s real easy to sit back and say to maintain a relationship with your Godchild when you don’t associate with the parent anymore – until you’ve been placed in that situation. Unless you have actually dealt with it, don’t judge because it’s really not that simple. But, it also depends on the maturity level of who you’re dealing with. Just saying.

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