Bow Wow Made Erica Mena Quit LHHNY + Blames Joie Chavis for Breakup

Photo Credit: Hot 97/youtube

By: AJ Niles

Bow Wow says his relationship with Erica Mena caused Joie Chavis to keep their daughter away from him.

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  1. So in essence she quit her day job for something that ran its course. Ok…it’s weird to me when I see men say they can’t see their kid cause of who they date. Morally it maybe wrong but the mother can’t dictate if he can see his child based on dating a thot. I don’t understand why people try to control other people’s lives if they aren’t together. My ex cheated on me with his now gf. Doesn’t matter how I feel about her it’s his kid too.

  2. I’m sure Erica regrets quitting now because she hasn’t had a job since hosting some BGC stuff and well that’s been cancelled. So I can see her wiggling her way back on LHHNY pretty soon.

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