Sky Reveals She’s Dating A NFL Player

Looks like Dutchess isn’t the only one pulling NFL players.

Sky recently revealed during her appearance on VH1’s “Brunch with Tiffany” that she has a baller boo.

She says:

“I got me a boyfriend though, so I’m good with that. He plays for the Jets, he’s an amazing man, and, you know, he does his thing. At the end of the day, he supports me whether a b—h was skinny, fat, off her rack, whatever.” When Tiff asks who would win between Sky and her boo in an arm wrestling match? Well, Sky’s reaction is everything. “WHAT?! That n—a gonna beat the hell out of me in an arm wrestling [match]. He better win! He better win, you know I like these big n—as. He’s big as f–k.”

No word yet on who this player is and if he is on the New York Jets’ practice squad or 53-man roster.

Check out the interview below.

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  1. Sky is likable but not very ladylike. He probably prefers to keep their relationship quiet because she is not really good for any professional’s image

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