Malaysia Takes Shots at Evelyn, Shaunie and Tami

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By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

On last night’s episode of “Basketball Wives,” the OGs made it clear that they refuse to have anything to do with Brandi Maxiell.

Well Malaysia Pargo has had enough.

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  1. These b-tches are delusional as f-ck. If they were really the sh-t, then there would have been no reason for Evelyn to come back. Ratings tell the real story. And that’s the real reason her and Brandi have been in their feelings on Twitter.

  2. I def think Brandi and Malaysia are trippin if they think most people watch the show for them. To be real, Draya was the one who carried the LA show. When she left, it started to drag and Brandi can be very annoying most of the time. Tami brought the show back to life when she went to LA and Evelyn and Jenn are adding to that.

    1. You are so right. Drata was the beginning.I loved her. Please keep Brandi off and Malaysia is so full of herself, she is sickning.jackie, Malaysia and Brandi need to go for good

  3. I agree about one thing – Evelyn and Tami are scared of each other. I thought I was the only one who picked up on that.

  4. I’m starting to think Shaunie wasn’t lying when she said they won’t be on that many episodes. Both of them have been cutting up like they lost a check. Meanwhile Shaunie, Evelyn and Tami aren’t responding.

  5. Like I said on the other post, if Malaysia and Brandi really carried the show, then VH1 would not have brought in Tami, now Evelyn and then Jenn. They have been in panic mode since Draya left. So I don’t understand why her and Brandi are so cocky.

    1. If the ORIGINALS really carried the show then the first BBW wouldn’t have been canceled in 2013. And the only reason they’re interesting to y’all is because they’re ratchet, loud mouth, obnoxious. They belong Back in Miami where groupies belong.

  6. But why is Evelyn acting stank? She has never met Brandi before. Why is she being a follower?

  7. Malaysia is annoying me this season. Tami already told her she doesn’t want to be around Brandi. You can’t force a grown woman to be around someone she doesn’t want to deal with. So it’s her and Brandi who are childish. They looked like little kids chasing behind Evelyn, Tami and Shaunie. If they were really the cat’s meow of BBW, they wouldn’t have done all of that.

    1. you are so right. Malaysia is very annoying. She had to respect Tami’s Opinion that’she it…….

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