Towanda Braxton Throws More Shade at Tamar Braxton and Vince Herbert

Photo Credit: WE tv

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Towanda Braxton has some folks thinking she’s throwing shade to her younger sister, Tamar Braxton, yet again.

And with the latest episode of “Braxton Family Values” focusing on Tamar’s marriage to Vincent Herbert, Towanda’s tweets have been…interesting.

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  1. I’m pretty sure Towanda is the one who has been leaking stories to the blogs about Tamar and Vince.

  2. With sisters like these, honestly who needs enemies? I don’t care what I go through with my siblings or how annoying they can be. I’m not going to ever air them out on Twitter. That’s just low.

  3. Yet, when Tamar responds and returns the shade, she’s called a bad sister and spoiled brat, etc.

  4. Towanda is very messy. But what I’ve noticed is she tries to act like a moral compass on the show but stays reckless on Twitter.

  5. I definitely can’t imagine spilling my sister’s tea on Twitter like Towanda does during every episode. Now most of us know Tamar and Vince clearly ain’t what they portray themselves to be, but I don’t understand why she makes it her business to keep putting that kind of information on Twitter. And I do think she’s bothered by Tamar’s success. She tried to play it off when someone called her out about it on Twitter and she said something like if she is going to be jealous, wouldn’t she be jealous of Toni instead? She’s always downplaying Tamar’s success but clearly bitter about it.

  6. The way that Tamar always treats her sisters I’m not surprised that this is going on. Besides Tamar has been commenting on her sister’s relationships all the time and always says that her and Vinces relationship is so different. From what I’ve seen Vince seems like an abuser on the d.l.. He’s always trying to control what she says, and I remember an episode where they were putting their hands in each others faces super aggressively. I think there would have been more physical violence that day if Tamars parents weren’t sitting right in front of them. What comes around goes around.

  7. What really gets me is that why do the Braxton Sisters feal like its important to continue feeding the media with their families issues.Is it for ratings
    or is it a publicity stunt.As a family a black family you all should be able to communicate without throwing each other under the bus.

  8. Tamar has bragged from day one that Vincent is perfect. However, Tamar and Vince are the only one fighting like cats and dogs. Towanda is responding to your emails….what is she jealous of she gets paid just like tamar they all do.

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