Watch: Reginae & Brandon Clash After He Takes Shots at Lil Wayne

Photo Credit: WETV

By: A.J. Niles

In a preview for “Growing Up Hip Hop Atlanta,” Deb Atney has to step in after her son Brandon takes shots at Lil Wayne and ends up upsetting Reginae.

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  1. I understand where Brandon is coming from. Zonnique is lazy and she’s not taking her career seriously. You can’t expect to be on top when you won’t put in the work. Look at Bey and Rih. Those ladies work their a–ses off. They put out music but have like five other hustles. You can’t be lazy and expect to do well as a black woman in the music business. It’s just not going to happen. And Reginae is annoying and has so much sh-t to talk when the truth is her dad fell off very hard. He can’t even put out an album because the grown man he’s been kissing in the mouth all these years has been stealing money from him. She needs to humble herself. Her dad’s legacy is a joke right about now. Sorry not sorry.

  2. I think Brandon takes himself way too seriously but I agree with him about Zonnique. She needs to step it up.

  3. Yea Zonnique DOES need help with her career but not from BRANDON. This man is 26 living at home and never heard of him b4 last month. But since Swizz Beats and bro is bi then they need one of this cast too. And Lil Wayne will have much more of a legacy than Waka, Gucci, Nicki, French or anything that Deb has touched. Waka is still on his 3rd album when the first came out in 17. And that’s true Tea b!tch

  4. And he wants to talk about how Zonnique looks but he’s walking around 320 lbs wit a hoodies and sweatpants on all day. He could at least go to Burlington and get some slacks and a shirt

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