Toya Johnson-Rushing & Reginae Carter Clash with Beedy Johnson’s Ex-Girlfriend

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Reginae Carter and Toya Johnson-Rushing are skeptical about Beedy Johnson’s ex-girlfriend.

Toya Johnson-Rushing and Reginae Carter are back to sharing the ups and downs of their lives on television. And already people have a lot to say about their new WE tv show, “Toya & Reginae.” On the first season of the show, Toya made it clear that her goal is to get her family back in a good space. But that hasn’t been easy. So far, there’s been some tension between the siblings. Toya’s brother Casey Johnson called out her and Reginae for not supporting his career enough, at least in his opinion. Reginae clapped back that she has supported his music. However, she and Toya aren’t going to do what he really wants the most. And that is to play his music for Lil Wayne. Casey also happens to think Reginae’s career is a result of her being Lil Wayne’s daughter.

On the latest episode of “Toya & Reginae,” Toya decided to address her tension with her sister Beedy Johnson. Reginae and Toya do not care for Beedy’s ex-girlfriend Mel. They do not believe she has good intentions. This is why Beedy was told not to bring her to the family’s dinner. So when Mel showed up with Beedy, it didn’t take long for the night to go left.

It started with Casey asking Mel how their relationship was going. She confirmed they are not together. But they are still close while dating other people. Beedy then said, “It’s not gonna work, what we tried to do. You know, we tried but it’s just not gon work like that.”

Beedy and Mel confirm they both have boyfriends as well. And Mel tries to assure everyone that she does care for Beedy.

Reginae joined the conversation. She worries Mel is playing with Beedy’s feelings.

“Yeah, it seems one-sided to say that y’all not together but you…I feel like that’s playing with her feelings. She wanna be with you. And I don’t think that you want to be with her.”

The evening takes a messy turn.

Mel clarifies that it’s not that she doesn’t want to be with Beedy. They originally planned to be together but share one man.

“So right now, we are dating separately and we are still connected. She has her man, I have her man. She do her thing. I do my thing. We both know about it.”

Toya then used the moment to air her own grievances with Beedy.

“I’m not trying to attack you ’cause personally, I don’t know you and I want to clear the air. I wanna say this, what I have an issue with is one I think you manipulate my sister. That’s one. Two, when you were braiding my daughter’s hair, you said all this negative **** about my daughter being terrible, and you this…All of these words that you used when you braided my daughter’s hair, which I don’t feel you should tell a kid. But whatever, I let it go. Then you used the fact that me and my sister are not as close and you manipulate that and I don’t like that.”

Mel is over it, “If that’s what you want to say to make yourself feel good…”

Toya quipped, “That’s what the **** it is!”

Mel responded, “I’ll let you have that.” This exchange resulted in Reginae getting upset. She told Mel, “Don’t play my momma like she’s slow. You’re not gonna talk to my momma like that. Girl what? If that’s what you want to say to make yourself feel…”

After Mel asked Reginae if she’s done, Reginae tells her to leave. Mel was fine with this, “I can go. This ain’t got **** to do with me, baby.”

Reginae snapped at Mel, “I don’t like you.” This also didn’t move Mel much, “That’s good, you done?”

Things got really messy at this point. Before Mel made her sassy exit, she agreed that no one there could “take her” much to the annoyance of Reginae.


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  1. I think about how Rasheeda, Toya, and Tamar treated K Michelle about Memphitz. And they learned nothing because they still think they can jump in business that isn’t theirs. Beedy is a grown woman. Stay out of her affairs and stop talking to people crazy because of your association to Wayne. Everyone doesn’t care. Mel clearly didn’t and I don’t blame her. I don’t care about what rapper you married 20 years ago or who your daddy is. Disrespect me and I’ll disrespect you. 🤷🏾‍♀️

  2. Reginae and Toya really thought that girl wasn’t going to say anything back and that’s the issue. I’m glad she wasn’t a punk.

  3. I get being skeptical about a sibling’s partner but this ain’t it. None of them respect Beedy. They don’t even see her as an adult who’s able to make her own decisions. That’s a recipe for disaster.

  4. Toya and Reginae still act the same way they did on Growing Up Hip Hop. They tried to blame it on editing but I knew better.

  5. Reginae and Toya didn’t need a show at all. Toya focus on your husband and other daughter. Reginae, go and model those FashionNova outfits that are always on the Shade Room.

  6. There’s this formula for reality shows now where the cast does nothing but get in each other’s business and be judgmental. And it’s so…boring.

  7. Regina’s mouth has always been out of control. I don’t condone violence, but That’s why that girl handled her when she was in college.there was a huge altercation on growing up Hiphop as well because Reginae’s mouth. She’s always been too grown and still haven’t learned her lesson. The same way when there was words exchanged with ziti and her father. It’s one thing to be protective over your dad but going on social media running your mouth could’ve made things much worst. Toya never had control of her Reginae’s grown a@@. That’s how she ended up with that rapper that’s in jail. I understand Toya feels like she has to look out for her sister but she don’t get the right until she gets a real relationship with her sister. It’s funny how people be in other peoples business and try to tell them what to do but they don’t have that same energy when they are in the toxic relationships. Toya and Memphis /Reginae and the rapper with the kids that’s incarcerated . Stay in your lane Toya and reginae.

  8. They are only about 15 years apart so they both move like they are the same age. They are always acting like people are supposed to be afraid of them. Why do they have a show?
    Toya is an urban socialite. That warrants a show?
    All this money and not a single speech pathologist in site.

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