Paperback Toya: Reginae Carter Claps Back at Tamar Braxton (UPDATE)

Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Looks like Reginae Carter is getting herself involved in Tamar Braxton and Toya Wright’s feud.

Minutes ago, she took some shots on her Instagram account.

Click next for the details.

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  1. What the f-ck does Toya’s looks have to do with the fact that she lied? Reginae needs to sit her corny a-s down somewhere. That a-s whooping she got a month ago is about to become a regular occurrence in college if she doesn’t learn how to shut the f-ck up.

  2. *blank stare* Reginae loves to run her mouth but pulls that “I’m just a helpless child” card when someone gets her all the way together. This is the one time I wouldn’t mind Tamar going in.

  3. Toya is so damn dumb. She fell right for the bait too. Now people can see Toya’s positive image was bullish-t and she’s capable of being as messy as Tamar said she was. Well played Tamar. I wouldn’t say sh-t. Keep letting her real colors show. Now everyone can see Tamar wasn’t the only messy one.

    1. I mean Toya really did write all of that and proved Tamar right. Before this, people just swore Toya didn’t have a messy bone in her body. Now the truth is out. And to make it even worse, Paperback Toya is catchy and trending on Twitter. Tamar is out here looking like a strategic genius and I don’t even think she planned it.

  4. Toya seems really mad about the fact that Tamar and Tiny are cool again. It’s kind of hypocritical to write an entire essay on how petty and messy someone is when you’re upset when gown people have decided to work out their differences. The truth is Toya was getting her life when Tiny and Tamar fell out. So what does that say about Toya?

  5. Toya really said all of that over Paperback Toya? So who’s the mad one again? I don’t think it’s Tamar. Sis is bringing up Braxton Family Values plot lines and everything. Breathe Toya, it’s not that deep sis. LOL.

  6. Toya is going to regret even saying this. It’s a bad look for someone who claims to be so positive. Especially when Tamar didn’t even call her out her name.

    1. Sh-t Toya didn’t even have all that mouth when Memphitz nutty a-s was disrespecting her on TV. Weak a-s.

  7. Wow. So Toya and Tamar used to be friends, so now that they aren’t, Toya had no problem attempting to put Tamar’s personal business on Instagram. Meanwhile, as petty as Tamar is, she hasn’t done that to Toya. Yet Toya wrote about her in that book of hers and she’s going off about a silly nickname Tamar probably came up with by accident since she has questionable grammar skills. Toya really looks like a snake right now. And she’s the one Tiny needs to be worried about. If they ever fall out, you better believe Toya will tell all her business and even put it in one of her books.

  8. Tamar is very innovative with her insults. Toya wrote a lot, but all we’re going to remember is Paperback Toya. Ouch.

  9. Reginae clapping back at Tamar but didn’t clap back at the people who mushed her and stole money from her…Toya dragging Tamar but ain’t have sh-t to say when K read her for filth and Memphitz exposed her for giving him a hall pass. Kii…

  10. Toya has been throwing shade at Tamar on IG since they fell out. Tamar hasn’t responded until now. Toya is such an attention seeking fraud. She needs to stop obsessing over Tamar and worry about her failed marriages.

  11. So,sad young lady’s needs to stay in there place her mother is a grown she could handle herself.And these celebrity mom’s stop acting like children with all this mess.Whose talking about you take a page out of my book,you keep living someone is always going to talk they not paying your bills,or taking care of your house. Long as you feed into it and you ladies call yourself clapping backnow both of you paying rent inside each other’s heads. Get a life go shopping to much of wasting energy, as long know one put there hands on you. Let them say what they want eventually they will get tired talking use your word don’t clap back.

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