Mo’Nique Claps Back at Those Offended by Her Calling Her Husband Daddy

Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Comedian Mo’Nique has had just about enough of folks criticizing the fact that she calls her husband “daddy.”

In fact, she didn’t hold back when she discussed the subject in a recent podcast.

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  1. Sh-t she can call her husband whatever the f-ck she wants. But I’m still gonna think her a-s got daddy issues.

  2. She not the only woman who does that, i hear alot of elders call their spouse mother and father so why people bothered? If thats what she wants to refer to him as than oh well, it hurts no one

  3. Calling your dude daddy and all that ain’t really proof of daddy issues but everything she said after that is. Monique’s whole family is jacked up. I feel bad for her because she deserved better from both of her parents.

  4. I have no problem with Monique calling her husband whatever she wants but her reasoning behind it screams of issues.

  5. Something about her husband gives me red flags. It’s like she’s lost everything since she’s been with him…friends, career, money, sense of self, etc. And he doesn’t mind it as long as she can provide him a platform.

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