Power Recap: Things Look Bleak for Ghost + Tasha & Angie Have Another Showdown

Photo Credit: STARZ

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Last night, the fourth season of “Power” premiered on STARZ.

On the episode, things got real for Ghost after Angela sends him to jail and he has to rely on Tasha to help him make bail.

Tommy’s leadership is tested when Ghost’s legal problems become a possible hindrance to his deal with the Serbs.

Julio and Dre also clash, while Kanan isn’t ready to release Tariq from his grip.

Here’s a recap of “When I Get Out.”

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  1. I’m glad everyone kept calling Angie out for what she’s doing. She wouldn’t have arrested Ghost if he didn’t break up with her. She’s terrible at her job.

  2. The Angie stans were crying on Twitter last night because Angie was getting dragged so bad. I live!

  3. I love power but this episode was a little on the blah side to me. They really did hype it up like it was going to go down too and I was waiting and it never came. It wasn’t a bad episode, just not as entertaining as I expected it to be.

  4. And to think, Ghost would not even be in jail if he never cheated on his wife. It’s hard to feel bad for him knowing that.

  5. I believe Angie arrested Ghost out of guilt. She thinks Greg was killed because of her. I can’t see a future for Angie. Her reputation is ruined on the job. Jamie can’t possibly want her back now … Angie might have an “accident” before the season is over.

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