Reginae Carter Snitches on Keke Palmer

It’s been a very dramatic first season on “Growing Up Hip Hop Atlanta” for Reginae Carter.

For one thing, she’s been going back and forth with Deb Antney’s godson Brandon Barnes as a result of him telling Reginae that he could have helped Lil Wayne’s rap career.

On the latest episode, when Brandon refused to apologize and even made the statement to Reginae again, Reginae went and got her two cousins and Toya Wright to confront him.

She told her Twitter followers that she doesn’t regret getting her mother involved, and recently she informed her Instagram followers that she doesn’t mind telling Lil Wayne about celebrities blocking her on Instagram.

Days ago during a recent Instagram Live session, when one of her followers told her that she resembles Keke Palmer, Reginae then went into a story of how Keke blocked her and she told her father…I did. I am a snitch.

She says:

“Let me tell y’all something about Keke Palmer. I don’t have a problem with Keke Palmer, but Keke Palmer…I’m blocked on Keke Palmer’s page. Girl, I didn’t do nothing to you. I actually like Keke Palmer, so I don’t even know why. Me and my best friend Lauren are blocked off her page and we just want to know what’s up cause…

“One day I just went on her page, and I just was blocked. What I’m thinking is, it’s probably like a fan page or somebody faking like me that added me, she seen that was the first name she saw was my name, I don’t know, but baby don’t block me. Girl, I don’t got problems with you. She did block me for no reason y’all.

“And I told my Daddy too. I was like, ‘Daddy Keke Palmer blocked me.’ Y’all already know what his response was. First it’s, ‘Who is Keke Palmer?’ I had to tell him that cause he old and he don’t know nobody. And then he was like, ‘Oh. Forget her.’”

Check out the video below:

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  1. This young lady is very spoiled and it’s just unreal how entitled she is. Keke blocked her because she wanted to and she could.

  2. Keke probably watches GUHHATL like the rest of us and blocked her accordingly after seeing her personality.

  3. Why is she so pressed though? Keke is a grown woman. I’m sure she blocks who she feels needs to be blocked. But if she sees this, I doubt it’s going to convince her to unblock.

  4. She is always running to Mom and Dad when she can’t get her way with other people. Grown she is not.

  5. Nevermind the foolishness, I thought Brandon was Deb’s son? That’s her god son? Maybe I missed that part lol

  6. The child needs to be just that A Child…She is in to much adult business acting grown. Then when sh-t hits the fan she runs to mommy and daddy.. Girl sit down and be humble!!

    1. She really shouldn’t even be on the show. She is interacting with the other cast members as if she is on their level and she isn’t. She was just 17 not too long ago.

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