Kanye West Threatens to Sue Tidal

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By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

It looks like Kanye West and Jay-Z’s troubled friendship just got worse.

According to a new report, Kanye has dumped Tidal and now he’s threatening to sue the streaming service for over $3 million.

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  1. Interesting how Kanye is leaving over $3 million when he made Jay lose $20 million. If I were the Carters, I’d let him walk and be completely done with him.

  2. Kanye ain’t sh-t. The truth is he’s big mad that the Carters don’t f-ck with the Kardashians. That was the whole reason Kim got with Kanye in the first f-cking place. I’m sure she’s pressed as f-ck that she still ain’t in the circle a whole marriage and two babies in. He tried to force them to deal with Kim and her vulture a-s family, but it didn’t work and so now he’s trying to get even any way possible. He’s allowing a family of opportunists to chip away at any bit of legacy that he had left. Dummy.

  3. I’m surprised more people haven’t put two and two together yet. It’s obvious that Kanye and Kim are broke. Jay loaned him $20 million so him and Kim could buy that new house. Kim’s money ain’t that long either and that’s why her and her fam keep faking being robbed so they can get money from the insurance company. Kanye spent most of his money on trying to look rich instead of building actual wealth. On top of that he threw a lot of his money away on his failed fashion lines.

  4. Kanye has been on the decline since he hooked up with Kim. Oh well. It’s hard to feel bad for anyone who marries any of those women.

  5. Honestly, Kanye burned a bridge when he came for Beyonce. There’s no way Jay was going to let that slide or be cool with him again after that. The crazy thing is Kanye would have literally had a fit if Jay ever came for Kim the way he keeps going at Bey.

  6. Kanye is most likely jumping the Tidal ship so he can partner up with Drake and Apple Music.

  7. Sometimes friends just outgrow each other. Kanye has changed, Jay has changed and they just won’t be what they were before. But Kanye should have been respectful and stopped trying to air out the Carters out of spite.

  8. None of this surprises me. Jay should have cut Kanye off a long time ago. He’s a walking time bomb and a huge liability. Life is too short to deal with someone like Kanye who only cares about himself any damn way.

  9. Kanye owes Jay $20mil. He put out this story to cover up the fact Jay exposed his a-s! He and the KarTRASHians are broke.

    I know Kum K is pissed because she can’t get that friendship with the Carters! LMAOOOOOOOO

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