Amid New Serious Allegations, R. Kelly’s Fans Defend Him on Social Media

Photo Credit: Instagram

By: A.J. Niles

R. Kelly is back in the headlines. Amid his “The Afterparty Tour” recently leaving its Indiana tour stop, a scathing Buzzfeed article has been released.

In the article, he’s being accused of running a cult.

The report alleges the R&B singer has been holding women of age against their will, forcing them to behave in a cult-like manner, as they are suffering physical and emotional abuse. However, the women who are experiencing this are over the age of consent in the states he owns or rents property (Illinois and Georgia). The police also haven’t brought forth any charges against R. Kelly because they claim the women involved said they want to stay with Kelly.

According to the article, parents of these women are doing whatever they can to get their daughters home, but have been unsuccessful.

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  1. His fans would not be defending him if this victims weren’t black women. For some reason, black women don’t even matter to other black women. These are the same fools who want Bill Cosby’s head on a stake and most of his victims are white women.

    1. Amen! It’s appalling that most of his defenders are black women.

      I will say that these parents have got to hold a lot of the responsibility for what happened tho. How do you take your underage child to meet R. Kelly knowing about his past? He wasn’t convicted of the p-rn charge but he did elope with 15 year old Aaliyah. They waved their daughters in front of him like meat to a hungry lion and are now wondering what happened. C’mon now!

  2. No parent should be allowing him near their daughters at this point. It’s not like the info isn’t out here.

  3. His fans ain’t sh-t. He’s clearly a f-cked up person and to blame that on the victims is some evil sh-t.

  4. So the mom trusted R. Kelly? People will put transgressions aside when dollar signs are in their eyes.

  5. Of course his fans are defending him the same way Chris Brown’s fans defended him for the Rihanna incident. I can remember when that happened, plenty, I mean plenty of Chris Brown’s fans, even ones on here defended him down to the ends of the earth, but so much outrage over Kelly’s fans defending him. People are so fickle sometimes. Both are demonic human beings with no remorse IMO.

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