Kevin Hart Calls Cheating Allegations BS + Eniko Called out for Deflecting

Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

It’s been a crazy 24 hours for Kevin Hart.

The very popular comedian rarely ever gets caught up in negative press, but yesterday a major gossip publication accused him of stepping out on his pregnant wife, Eniko.

In fact, Kevin trended on Twitter as a result of the story, and social media would not let him forget that he cheated on his first wife, Torrei Hart.

Kevin called the story BS on Instagram hours ago, and Eniko appeared to be unbothered.

But now some of his own fans are calling BS on them.

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  1. Don’t know if he cheated but what is a married man with a pregnant wife doing outside of a hotel with other women anyway? That’s not a good look.

  2. I’m wondering what exactly did they think she was going to do, i mean she pregnant with her first child I don’t think she wants or needs to be stressed about what Kevin doing. She knew from the door what she was getting herself into

  3. Were we supposed to believe he wouldn’t cheat on Eniko? Anyway, she deflected because she knows she’s not going anywhere.

  4. Well he cheated on Torrrei so it’s not hard to believe he’d cheat on Eniko too. But she will not give up the lifestyle she was willing to break up his first marriage for. As long as he has fame and money, she is not going anywhere.

  5. That n-gga cheated. But I don’t give a f-ck because Eniko is his former side chick any damn way.

  6. He was out of line but I’ve heard Kevin has been cheating on her for years. It’s been said by multiple people. But when you’re only in it for the lifestyle, you’re not going to care that you’re being cheated on. Torrei did care because she was in it for more. I think Kevin ended up where he belonged in the end. With a woman who can look pretty when they step out and turn away when he’s out here hoeing around. She’s not leaving him.

  7. What is it that people want to see her do? She is pregnant. Do they want her to get on social media sites and discuss her marriage? Cry? Talk bad about her husband? I’m confused because no one wants Bey to leave Jay and he did the same BS! They wasn’t asking why was she deflecting. If its Karma let her do her job. I don’t care for either but she us pregnant and shouldn’t have to be bothered with the BS if she choose not to. My opinion.

    1. Actually, using Beyoncé is a bad comparison. Eniko is being called out for deflecting, Beyoncé just made a whole entire album about Jay cheating on her. Plus, lots of folks said Beyoncé should have divorced Jay Z. Even her own stans.

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