GUHH Beef: Briana Latrise Shades Angela Simmons

Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Season three of “Growing Up Hip Hop” premiered last week, and it was full of drama.

Romeo Miller found out one of his friends had some not so nice things to say about him on social media. When he confronted him about it, it led to his cousin and friends jumping said friend in a restaurant.

Then of course, Angela Simmons clashed with Kendu Isaacs’ daughter, Briana Latrise.

Now their beef is spilling over onto social media.

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  1. I think Briana thought Angela was going to entertain her but she shut the down with the quickness. She won’t even film with her anymore.

  2. Briana needs to humble herself. She’s only on the show because of Mary J and Mary is divorcing her father so her services won’t really be needed after this season is over.

  3. I said the same thing it’s a fake beef.. as passive aggressive Briana is she would have opened her mouth.

  4. Honestly I can’t stand Angela but Briana just seems like she’s jealous and making up sh-t just to be relevant like other people said

  5. Briana is a jealous freckled face b-tch..looking like a chucky doll…and stop saying she Mary’s step daughter. Mary dont want nothing to do with her dysfunctional a-s…b-tch stop hating. Ewwww.

  6. Briana does come off real petty. More of a fake bully tho. She seem to have talent. So I don’t understand why the need to be so rude & ratchet all the time. I think she needs a hug myself. But I’m still trying to figure out why no one wants to dig in that a$$.

  7. Why every time someone with less money and fortune dislike someone wit more, EVERYONE conclusion is they are Jealous.. Maybe something really happened, we will never know cause Angela ALWAYS running when they in the same room

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