Hazel-E Claps Back at Tammy Rivera

While on her Fiji birthday vacation, Tammy Rivera found time to check out the latest happenings going on with LHHH.

As she watched, she must’ve seen what’s been happening with Hazel E. Early on in the season, Hazel has had plenty of memorable moments on the show. She had her Girl Code event, making an entrance via helicopter, and drinks thrown at her by Masika Kalysha.

She also became the subject of a bet between Ray J, A1 and Safaree, where the loser had to get her on a record.

Well, Tammy could only shake her head when she saw the latest happenings with Hazel.

Check out Tammy’s Tweet about Hazel E below.

Hazel E caught wind of the tweet, thanks to a fan and Hazel responded with shade.

Tammy responded:

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  1. I swear I don’t understand these people if I’m in Fiji why would I be tweeting about Hazel or LHH like really you in Fiji smh. Tammy is wack for this imo.

    1. I completely agree. But I think Tammy is very insecure about her relationship with Waka. So she stays on social media all the time clapping back when he’s brought up and etc.

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