Hazel-E Claps Back at Tammy Rivera

Photo Credit: Instagram

By: A.J. Niles

Tammy Rivera has been on a weeks long vacation with her husband Waka Flocka, hanging out all over Fiji. They’ve been sharing their vacay exploits all over their social media accounts, celebrating Tammy’s 31st birthday and swimming in the Pacific Ocean.

In the midsts of all of this, she’s found time to check out “Love and Hip Hop Hollywood.” Like many of us, Tammy hasn’t been one to keep her opinions to herself regarding the current LHHH season and the antics of the cast.

She’s expressed an opinion on Twitter about Hazel E’s antics and Hazel E found out.

One thing we know about Hazel is when Hazel finds out a dissenting opinion coming from someone she knows, she will clap back.

So this situation was no different.

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  1. I swear I don’t understand these people if I’m in Fiji why would I be tweeting about Hazel or LHH like really you in Fiji smh. Tammy is wack for this imo.

    1. I completely agree. But I think Tammy is very insecure about her relationship with Waka. So she stays on social media all the time clapping back when he’s brought up and etc.

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