Being Mary Jane Recap: Helen Drops a Bomb + Patrick Goes Off

Photo Credit: BET

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

On last night’s episode of “Being Mary Jane,” Patrick learns a family secret that will change his life forever.

Mary Jane clashes with Aaliyah after she learns what Lee has been up to since their breakup.

And Kara meets Orlando’s mother while coaching him to make a major career change.

Here’s a recap of “Feeling Lost.”

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  1. I called it last week, definitely saw Frank being Patrick’s Dad coming. Anyway, I see where MJ get’s her messy, troubled relationship issues from. I can definitely understand it was a different time and all that, but Helen really did Paul dirty. She stayed and created a family with this loyal man for 44 years without feeling the same type of love for him that he has for her. That’s so messed up.

  2. Also, MJ’s rant during the faux BC interview was everything. She said everything I’ve felt about how the misogyny within the Black community and I really wish alot of Black men could just watch that clip and understand why we as women feel the way we do.

  3. I’m glad the season has improved. It seems like it’s hard to enjoy this show when we don’t see much of MJ’s family. They and the heart of the show for me (at least). I’m also loving Kara’s relationship with Orlando. I’m still not really sure about Justin but we will see how the season ends. I’m disappointed in Helen, but I think the purpose of this season was for people to understand why MJ has made the mistakes she has made. She’s a lot like her mother.

  4. Helen really suprised me this season. But this explains why Patrick as the oldest son isn’t the junior but the youngest brother PJ is.

  5. Poor Patrick. I’m glad he went to a sobriety meeting after because I know it’s going to be hard now knowing what he knows.

  6. The writing has gotten better. It was boring at the beginning of the season. Anyway Patrick needs to remember Paul is still his daddy. He raised him. Frank didn’t.

  7. I feel really bad for Patrick but I feel like this season is showing that the sins of the parents do fall on their children. Mary Jane’s issues with men are a result of her mother’s sins. And Patrick’s drug addiction is a result of Frank’s sins. But every child can break the curse, if they choose to. And I think Mary Jane and Patrick will.

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