Black Ink Crew Chicago Recap: Nikki Attacks Phor’s Possible Cousin + Charmaine Gets Bad News

The gang recaps all the drama that happened at Phor’s performance.

They all say they were surprised Jenn showed up with a male friend, Ben.

In a green screen interview, Charmaine says she thinks Jenn was intentionally tying to make Van jealous by showing up with Ben.

Don gets his piercing certificate.

Don comes in the shop and shows off the certificate he received that will now allow him to do piercings at the shop.

Sidney Starr, a well know transgender social media star and model, comes by to be Don’s first piercing client. She tricks him and says she’s getting her “ding dong” pierced but after nearly giving Don a heart attack, she says she’s actually getting her belly button pierced.

Don is still nervous because he knows it’s on him to do piercings to support Ashley being a stay at home mom.

Luckily for Don, Sidney loves her piercing.

Jenn and Van meet up after the club drama.

Van says in a green screen interview that when he told Jenn he wanted space, he meant a break from marriage talk. So he’s upset she showed up to Phor’s performance with Ben.

“When I said space, I meant let’s take a pause in all this marriage talk, not f*cking show up with a random dude on your arm.” – Van

He then asks Jenn if she’s been sleeping with Ben and Jenn says no.

Van tells Jenn that he misses her and he wants to be with her. He wants the relationship to work despite them not agreeing on marriage.

They start arguing over him asking for space and she tells him he was out of line to ask for it. She then makes it clear that she’s not backing down from her desire to get married.

“I deserve what I’m looking for and if you can’t give me what I’m looking for, I will continue to give you your space.” – Jenn

She then ends the conversation and walks away.

Phor gives an update on his possible cousin Janelle.

He tells the gang that Janelle wants him to meet her mother who will be coming to town, and her mom grew up with his dad.

Danielle and Charmaine understand the situation because they went through the same thing when they learned they were cousins. They encourage Phor to get to know Janelle because they could end up getting close.

Lily comes to the shop and tells everyone that she got into it with her cousins, who she lives with.

Her cousins feel like she comes home too late and with them being moms, they just feel it’s disrespectful.

Cobra offers a room and Lily obliges.

In a green screen interview, Ryan says he doesn’t know if it’s a good idea considering how Lily acts when she’s drunk. He believes they will end up fighting.

Charmaine’s mom gives her some bad news.

She tells Charmaine that her hypertension medication has messed up her kidneys and she’s been dealing with this for ten years.

She’s in Stage 4 of renal failure and she will have to get dialysis soon.

Charmaine is worried and hopes she doesn’t lose her mother.

“Like I don’t even want to think about that.” – Charmaine

Charmaine tells her mom she’s still young and she wants her around when she has kids. But her mother thinks she will be fine and lets her know that her health situation doesn’t have to be fatal. Regardless, she wants to make the best out of the time she has left on this earth.

They hug and have an emotional moment.

“I just don’t want anything to happen to you.” – Charmaine

Lily moves into Cobra’s place.

Lily is impressed with the place and her view.

In a green screen interview, Cobra says she’s excited to have Lily as a roommate and she believes everything will work out.

Cobra asks her about JR and Lily says they are in a committed relationship. But she has no tolerance for drama and will be out if he acts up.

Cobra tells Lily she’s a newbie with dating women but Lily tells her she dated a woman before and her mom walked in on them having an intimate moment.

They toast to their new living arrangement.

Charmaine’s mom starts working on her bucket list.

So she asks Charmaine to take to her to a trapeze place to try out the intense activity.

When they get there, Charmaine gives it a go first. Although she’s afraid, she goes through with it and has an exhilarating experience.

Her mother goes next. She is hesitant and tells Charmaine she wants to get back down. Charmaine tells her to stop being a “p*ssy” but her mom tells her to sop cursing.

Don and Ashley are in a better place.

They decide to have some quickie romantic time before he goes back to work, with fresh fruit but Don admits he’s too tired to get physical.

Ashley eventually changes his mind and they get to it.

Charmaine’s mom agrees to getting matching tattoos.

Since Charmaine’s mother chickened out on the trapeze session, she heads to the shop with Charmaine to get matching tattoos.

They are going to get matching butterfly tattoos to pay homage to her grandmother, who loved butterflies.

Charmaine’s mom tells Phor to do his best on the tats. He does and they end up loving their matching tattoos.

Don and Phor head to Janelle’s place to meet her mother, things don’t work out.

Phor is hoping he learns more about his father and why he abandoned him.

Don says in a green screen interview that he still doesn’t trust Janelle. However, he’s hoping for the best and will support his brother.

When they get there, Janelle says she’s waiting for her mother to call her back but she should be on her way.

After thirty minutes passes, Janelle calls her mom to see where she is but the call gets forwarded to voicemail.

Her mother later texts her and tells her she can’t come because she’s not comfortable enough to meet Phor as of yet. This angers Phor because Janelle is the one who approached him first.

He and Don decide to leave and Phor lets Janelle know he’s upset that she opened back up a wound he closed years ago.

9 Mag does a charity event, Charmaine throws some shade.

The gang hosts a charity event at the shop with #HashtagLunchBag. The organization gives people an opportunity to make bag lunches for homeless people and then deliver them to shelters.

The gang is hoping to make 500 sandwiches.

When Rachel is asked when they are having more kids, she says Ryan needs to put a ring on it.

In a green screen interview, Charmaine says Ryan needs to tell Rachel about Kat first.

“Talking about wedding bells, let’s just hope Rachel don’t find out about Ryan hooking up with Kat. Ooh. Did I say that?” – Charmaine

Nikki gets into it with Janelle.

Janelle comes by the shop to talk to Phor about the other day. Nikki is there and ready to confront her after everything that has happened. After Janelle is told to find Phor in the back of the shop, Nikki tells the gang that she doesn’t trust her.

“She ain’t no cousin, she’s just a groupie a*s b*tch.” – Nikki

Phor tells her that he doesn’t feel like talking and Nikki pulls her to the side to find out what’s going on. Phor is not happy about this.

In a green screen interview, he speaks on this.

“Why the f*ck is Nikki even talking to her right now man? Like that ain’t doing nothing but adding more fuel to the fire, and keeping her in the shop longer when she don’t even need to f*cking be here.” – Phor

When Nikki asks what Janelle is up to, Janelle says she just wants Phor to learn about his father’s side of the family, and Nikki tells her she hasn’t shown any receipts that they are even related.

“But right now, it’s like you don’t have no receipts, like no baby pictures or relationships. So it’s just like, what’s your real intentions? Because it seems like you’re doing a whole bunch of groupie sh*t.” – Nikki

Janelle then tells Nikki that she’s doing the most and she’s not even Phor’s wife.

“Stay in your lane. You a girlfriend, not a wife, B.” – Janelle

“First off, I will be the wife, b*tch. Who the f*ck you gonna be?” – Nikki

“You sounding real goofy right now.” – Janelle

Phor comes and separates them, but Nikki continues to make threats.

Phor ends up leaving the shop in annoyance and Nikki and Janelle argue again outside.

Nikki pushes Janelle, and they start scuffling. before security breaks them up, Nikki pulls of Janelle’s wig.

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