Power Recap: Tariq Gets Revenge, Tasha Makes a Sacrifice + The Old Clique Returns

Photo Credit: STARZ

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

On the season four finale of “Power,” Ghost and Tommy find out who killed Raina, but Tariq gets involved, putting his parents in a scary place.

Angela does a huge favor for Tasha that gives Angela some clarity in Raina’s death.

And Ghost, Kanan and Tommy come together after they figure out Dre is responsible for all of their problems.

Here’s a recap of “You Can’t Fix This.”

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  1. The season finale was better than I thought it would be. Quick question UB fam am I the only one who didn’t realize that Tariq and Raina were twins until last night lol I was like huh they were twins.

    1. I didn’t find out until the episode before. Raina said something like it would be their first birthday apart since Tariq was going away to that school.

      1. Yea you right I remember her saying that but I still didn’t put it together I guess it was never really emphasized in the series I always thought Tariq was a year or 2 older.

  2. Hmmm so I guess I am the only one who thought the fimale was weak. I will say the ending does have me excited for next season. All three had a reason for wanting Dre dead. Also, I am glad Raina killer was dealt with and they didn’t the story out until next season. Thats all I got!

  3. Finale was great but, here comes Angela again to save the day why was she at the crime scene Ms.. DA? And she had to be the one to find the bullet in the wall and the marks the blood made that stated the room had carpet wow!!

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