Black Ink Crew Chicago Recap: Don Has Mixed Feelings on Ashley’s Pregnancy + Cobra & Lily Clash

Lily and Cobra toast to now living together.

In a green screen interview, Cobra says things have really been going well as she and Lily are adjusting to living together.

Lily was nervous the gang wouldn’t accept her because of her drunk behavior after the customer appreciation party. Lily suggests Cobra takes off her clothes so she can paint a portrait of her.

In a green screen interview, Lily says Cobra is beautiful to her and she needs to know that.

Cobra admits she has low self-esteem and her weight has always made her insecure. It doesn’t help that people regularly comment on her weight.

Lily tells her to stop allowing anyone to put her down.

Ryan has a surprise.

At the shop, Ryan tells the gang that Bone Thugs N Harmony is stopping by the shop to get some tattoos.

In a green screen interview, Ryan says he’s really excited about Bone coming because he was a huge fan growing up.

The subject then changes into Nikki’s blowup with Janelle.

Charmaine feels like Nikki had a right to lay hands on Janelle in the parking lot. She also thinks Janelle is a fraud and not really Phor’s cousin.

Ashley tells Don some big news.

When Don gets home, he sees Ashley has been doing a lot of online shopping and there are boxes everywhere. Don is annoyed because he feels they should be saving money since she quit her job.

She shows him a new vase and he’s annoyed she didn’t tell him she wanted the vase before spending the money.

She then hands him a box and he opens it up and finds a positive pregnancy test.

In a green screen interview, Don doesn’t look too happy about the news.

He asks Ashley if she’s sure she’s pregnant and she tells him she’s “110%” sure.

Although Ashley is really happy, Don is confused about how to feel.

“I just need a moment to let all this sh*t sink in.” – Don

Van’s daughter addresses his breakup with Janelle.

He catches up with her and asks her how things are going with boys. She says some of them like her but she doesn’t like them back because they are “hoes.”

He asks to see her grades and checks her when he sees she has a F in physical education.

She says the issue is Jenn isn’t around to braid her hair anymore and as a result, she doesn’t want to get in the pool.

Van says he didn’t think about how the breakup affected her and he asks her how the situation makes her feel.

She says she misses Jenn.

Nikki clashes with Phor.

She comes to the studio while he’s recording and asks to talk about the other night.

She tells him she feels like he always lets people get over on him, but he feels like she overreacts way too often.

He reminds her he will have to interact with other women, especially in his music career.

When she says he acts like a “dumba*s” he gets frustrated.

She tells him he needs to find another woman if he thinks he’s going to be sleeping around on her.

Diamond, former member of rap group Crime Mob, comes to the shop to get a tattoo of her son’s name by Van.

They talk about being parents and Van says he’s still trying to play catchup since he spent some time in jail.

Lily and JR cross the line.

Cobra is starting to be attracted to Lily, but the vibe is ruined when JR walks in, using a key Lily gave him.

Lily and JR waste no time kissing all on each other and Cobra gets annoyed and goes to her room.

They then start making out on the kitchen counter top and taking off their clothes. Cobra walks back out of her room and sees this and calls them out for disrespecting her.

She questions why they couldn’t just get freaky in Lily’s room instead of in the kitchen on the countertop.

Phor needs Nikki to back off.

He apologizes to her for being aggressive towards her lately and explains that a wound has been reopened regarding his father, so it’s caused him to be angry.

He tells Nikki he needs his space when it comes to the situation, and Nikki starts crying and she says she’s worried about him because he shuts down. She doesn’t think that’s healthy to do.

She tells him they can talk whenever he’s ready and there’s no need to bottle things inside.

He hears her and says he just doesn’t want to talk about the situation again until he’s ready. But he reassures her that he does love her.

“At the end of the day, you all I got.” – Phor

They leave the park holding hands.

Ashley and Don go shopping for strollers, Ashley confronts Don about not seeming excited about the baby on the way.

In a green screen interview, Don says he feels the store is way too expensive.

Ashley tells the store associate that they will buy the $1395 stroller.

Don then tells Ashley that they need to talk.

He tells her that she’s spending too much money and she needs to chill since she’s now a housewife.

Ashley gets angry and tells him that he can’t tell her how much money she can and cannot spend.

He says he’s trying to be smart with money but Ashley says the real issue is he’s not excited about having another baby.

Don gets frustrated and walks off.

The gang throws a party for Bone.

Bone is coming by for a tattoo consultation, so the gang decides it would be best to throw a full party for them at the shop.

Charmaine says she’s going to interview them and see if she can get her radio job back.

Cobra is still annoyed with JR and Lily, and rolls her eyes as she sees them flirting.

Ashley and Don arrive, and Ashley announces she’s pregnant.

In a green screen interview, Charmaine says she’s glad things didn’t toward out with Don because he may be too fertile for her. Despite this, the gang toasts to the good news, as Ashley watches on. Don admits he’s happy to have another child on the way especially if Ashley is happy about it.

Krayzie and Bizzy Bone arrive and tell Ryan what they are thinking about getting.

Charmaine asks if she can interview them and they agree.

The interview goes well and Charmaine thinks Johnny will hire her back when he sees it.

Lily and Cobra get physical.

While making out with JR, Lily sees Cobra watching and tells her to “take a picture” because it will last longer.

Cobra tells her they need to talk, and Cobra tells Lily that it was wrong to have a freaky moment on the countertop with Junior.

Lily doesn’t see the big deal and feels Cobra is just overreacting. Cobra then tells her that her behavior is why she got kicked out of her cousins’ place.

Lily gets mad and says she wasn’t kicked out, and Cobra gets in her face.

After Lily asks what Cobra is going to do, they begin scuffling at the party. Security breaks them up and Cobra tells Ryan that Lily pushed her first, so she put Lily in the headlock since she was drunk.

Lily tries to come back for round two, but security escorts her away.

“You pushed me first, dog!” – Cobra

In a green screen interview, Lily’s love for Cobra’s shape has disappeared.

“Don’t f*ck with me, Cobra. Cause I will f*ck you up, all 250 f*cking pounds of you.” – Lily


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  1. Nikki annoys me. Even when she cried, I felt nothing. Phor is a grown man. He doesn’t need her to fight his battles.

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