Watch: One of R. Kelly’s Accusers Breaks Down on ‘The Real’

Photo Credit: Robert Voets /Warner Bros. Television

By: A.J. Niles

It looks like the newest allegations made against R. Kelly will not be going away anytime soon.

Jerhonda Pace, who recently broke an alleged non-disclosure agreement in place, spoke to “The Real” about her alleged time with R. Kelly.

Pace claims R. Kelly had her “trained” to please him. She also broke down in tears when speaking about how R. Kelly allegedly abused her, and how she ultimately escaped the alleged relationship.

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  1. This story is fishy a 16 year old girl is running around all alone taking tour buses to some grown mans house? Then you saw something sexual was going on and you just joined in instead of running away or atleast saying no I don’t want too do this! you just join in and let her teach you… and a non disclosure agreement tells me that you been paid off so apparently you wasn’t that affected because if that was my daughter I’m going to tell the police the media and whoever will listen! ain’t no amount of money is going to be able to stop me from making sure his a*s go to jail for raping my daughter and apparently kidnapping her and holding her hostage. so I got a side eye with this. I believe R. Kelly is a rapist but I also believe these lil girls are not innocent either and neither are their parents EVERYONE knows about his sick fantasies so why the hell would u go anywhere near this man if you are a child. I believe that’s why this man is never did a day in jail because the parents are greedy and the girls are hot and he gets a good lawyer to make it all look like it’s was all some misunderstanding through some cash there way to make it all go away. Smdh

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