Amid Bobby Brown’s Lawsuit Against TV One, Vivica Fox Defends Bobbi Kristina Biopic

Actress Vivica Fox is starring in TV One’s upcoming biopic about Bobbi Kristina’s life.

In the film, she portrays Pat Houston, Bobbi’s aunt.

Although the network claims the film will be respectful, many have taken to social media to express their grievances.

And with Bobby Brown suing the network, Vivica Fox is attempting to fan the flames in a recent interview with Extra.

Here’s what she had to say:

“Bobby’s having his objections about the film being made, but we stand behind the film 100 percent. And the only thing we ask of Bobby and the family is to give the film a chance.

“I want our fans to truly know this… we did this with absolute love and respect for the memory and legacy of Whitney Houston and the memory of Bobbi Kristina.”

In related news, TV One beat out Bobby Brown in court. According to the Blast, the judge ruled in the network’s favor and will not preventing the movie from airing:

In a statement to The Blast, TV One said, “Today, the court rejected a motion for a preliminary injunction filed by Bobby Brown and the Estate for Bobbi Kristina Brown that sought to enjoin the network’s airing of the original movie, ‘Bobbi Kristina.’”

They continued, “We are pleased with the court’s ruling and look forward to sharing this poignant look at the life of Bobbi Kristina Brown with our audience on Sunday, Oct. 8 at 7:00 PM ET on TV One.”

Although TV One will be able to air the biopic, the network isn’t completely in the clear just yet. Bobby’s claims of the network slandering him have not been ruled on yet.

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  1. Whatever happened to having class and tact. Is it too much for tvone to put human decency and empathy above money and ratings it seems so smh. Bobbi Kristina hasn’t been dead a good 2 years and they already trying to capitalize on her death.

  2. Is tv1 thinking about this man lost his daughter??!! Don’t matter if not accurate of her life money isn’t everything. Put yourself in his shoes. Sad that they try to justify making a movie about her life. May God have mercy on all that had a hand in making it

  3. I’d like to see the biopic. Ppl are already making judgements before it has even aired. Despite what some may think, bc of her parents, Bobbi Kristina was considered a public figure. She was in the entertainment business. I don’t see any difference in this movie and the reality show the family did after Whitney’s death which she participated in.

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