‘Queen Sugar’ Recap: Davis Realizes Charley Moved On + Nova & Robert Fall Out

Charley and Lorna are in a good place.

The episode opens with Charley on the phone with Lorna. Their relationship seems to be more positive than ever before thanks to her visit. When she hangs up she heads back to Remy, as they flirt and spend time with one another at a park.

At least for now, things seem to be on the up and up for Charley as she plans her own festival for the black farmers.

Nova and Robert go over their game plan for their TV segment.

Nova and Robert are getting ready for their television appearance, going over their notes and talking points in their dressing room. Robert presents Nova with a gift; a necklace made of black pearls. Nova nervously smile as Robert clasps it to her neck.

Meanwhile, Remy and Darla stop by Aunt Vi’s restaurant to tell her they got their Marriage License. Aunt Vi offers her place for their wedding. However, Darla tells her that they set an appointment with a judge.

Back in Atlanta, Nova and Robert are on air for their segment on the topic of the Zika virus in the Lower Ninth Ward. Both of them seem to be on the opposite sides of the topic, and Robert ambushes Nova, going against their plan.

When the segment ends, Nova storms off the set. Nova is furious that Robert deviated from their plan. Robert tries to plead with her that the original plan resulted in a boring segment, which was not resonating with social media.

Thanks to his plan, they are now trending on social media.

While his plan resonated with social media, generating the buzz he was looking for, it may have cost him Nova romantically. She storms off and tells him that she does not want him flying back to Louisiana with her.

Davis begins to see signs that Charley moved on.

Davis is talking to a doctor about an injury he has to his wrist. The doctor tells him he needs to fly to Los Angeles for the surgery, which will sideline him six to eight weeks.

The doctor also tells him that due to his age, his injury could take longer to heal, which could result in him missing a good bit of the upcoming basketball season.

Charley begins to deal with Sam Landry’s meddling.

Davis tries to call Charley, but she doesn’t pick up. Charley is with Remy at the park they are planning to have their carnival. Suddenly,one of Sam Landry’s goons stops by to tell them that the park is no longer available.

“I have a backbone, and I am not going away.” – Charley

Sam and his goon walk away back to their pickup truck, and Sam’s goon mouths under his breath, “You people.”

Charley and Remy head back to their office, scrambling for a new location to host their Brown Sugar Festival. Remy’s connections were able to snag a last-minute miracle.

RA begins to worry about his ability to give Darla the wedding she deserves.

Mr. Prosper is with RA at the restaurant going over the farm’s finances. While Mr. Prosper is happy with the books, RA is surprised and frustrated to be just breaking even with his first year running the farm.

He expresses frustrations and fears of being unable to give Darla a proper wedding. But, Prosper tells him that breaking even is a great thing, wishing he did during the seven years he lost money.

“In the end, they broke my land lease.” – Prosper

As RA goes over his books, Charley and Remy celebrate at her place. As they try to get cozy, they get interrupted by Davis and Micah. Remy gets a call from the church informing him that they can’t host. With Davis’ help, they come up with the idea to use Aunt Vi’s property.

However, there seemed to be a bit of tension between Davis and Remy.

Charley scrambles to figure out alternatives for their Brown Sugar Festival.

The next day, Charley heads over to Aunt Vi’s to prepare the property for the Brown Sugar festival. Nova stops by, and is congratulated by her aunt for her TV appearance.

When Aunt Vi leaves, Nova tells Charley that Robert didn’t tell her he would come for her the way he did during their TV appearance.

While Charley was impressed by the segment, and got her attention about the virus, she agreed with Nova that he should’ve looped Nova into the plan change.

Davis stops by and introduces himself to Keke. He also brings teammates to celebrate.

Charley is old their supplies can’t get out of New Orleans. Remy and Aunt Vi suggest they move the festivities to the sugar mill. Davis even says he can get his friend Tamar Judith to come by and sing. Charley reluctantly obliges.

While at the mill setting up, RA tells Hollywood his frustration about breaking even from the harvest. Hollywood suggests that he take a second job, and offers to hook him up at the shrimp processing plant. However, RA initially declines the offer. Hollywood tells him not to stick his nose up to the second job idea.

“You’re stuck between a rock and a hard place. You gotta do what you good do to take care of your woman.” – Hollywood

Despite the multiple hiccups, the festival is underway. Remy tells Charley that the festival is a success. However, Charley is seething that she had to derive from her plan. Nova comes up to see why she is feeling the way she feeling.

She tells Charley that she doesn’t have to be mad or sad that her festival didn’t go the way she planned.

“You don’t have to throw a festival like the Landry’s. You brought folks together.” – Nova

Darla receives good news about her parents. 

Aunt Vi is prepping her pies for the festival in the kitchen when Darla walks in crying. She tells Aunt Vi that her parents called for the first time in six years, and are coming to visit.

Aunt Vi consoles Darla when she reveals she is really nervous about how they are going to act. A story is told of how Aunt Vi met her first husband at the festival, who ended up physically abusing her. Aunt Vi felt ashamed of being abused, but eventually had to move away from that pain.

Lastly, Aunt Vi reminds Darla of the offer to use her place for her wedding.

As the Brown Sugar festival is ending, Charley gives a speech thanking everyone for the support, calling out all those that supported her. When she calls up Remy, she plants a kiss on him and Remy looks rather bothered by it.

Nova and Robert break up.

Charley then announces the Brown Sugar Queen is Keke. As things as are wrapping up, Robert shows up. When they find a quiet place to talk, Robert admits to being wrong at the TV studio.

He asks what he can do to fix things.

“If we are to do this, we have to do this together. I do not want to be anyone’s chess piece.” – Nova

Robert tells her he doesn’t want to do that and wants to be with her.

“We can be the face of the movement.” – Robert

“I’m not bigger than anyone else.” – Nova

Despite telling her he loves her, Nova gets angry when he asks why she doesn’t want to leave the Lower Ninth. He tells her he feels like she’s not living up to her full potential due to her desire to never leave her hometown.

“I think you’re a very good man. But you are no good for me.” – Nova

She then tells Robert that he should leave. He tries to plead with her but Nova stands firm.

RA gets good news from Darla about their wedding.

Darla and RA are in her office at the mill. She tells him that her mom called and she is happy with how their conversation went.

“It wasn’t hard to talk to her and it makes me think she can come around. And maybe my dad can too.” – Darla

RA is happy by this, and Darla changes her mind about having a courthouse wedding. Meanwhile, Davis stops by Charley’s office. She thanks Davis for everything he did to make the festival a success.

Davis realizes Charley moved on.

Their mood changes when Davis tells her he’s flying out to LA in the morning. Charley tells him that it’s not her place to ask why he’s going. When he tells Charley that Tamar isn’t a big deal, Charley replies, “Remy is a big deal.”

This breaks Davis, who apologizes for everything that he’s ever did.

The episode ends with him walking out of her office, and Charley holding her head down.


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