Update on Tamar Braxton & Vincent Herbert’s Divorce

TMZ recently reported that Tamar and Vince’s split has a lot to do with her being fired from “The Real.”

The site claims Tamar suffered from depression as a result of being booted from the daytime talk show, and her depression strained the marriage:

Sources close to Tamar tell TMZ … the singer’s marriage to estranged hubby Vince Herbert suffered an irreparable fracture after going through a time of depression stemming from her firing in May.

While they’re no strangers to a roller coaster of a relationship, we’re told losing the gig created bigger issues because it compounded an already teetering relationship. And one of the first steps to get back on track — moving out 3 months ago, even though they acted like a couple just 2 weeks ago.

Our sources say Tamar and Vince put on an act in NYC as an engaging couple simply to promote their show. At this point, we’re told Tamar had already moved in to a baller high-rise.

Interestingly enough, The Jasmine Brand is reporting that Vince’s debts were the last straw for Tamar:

We’re told that Vince’s troubled finances were a major issue for Tamar.

Tamar wasn’t aware of some of the business issues that Vince had. He doesn’t know how to manage money. One time their house almost went into foreclosure. She had no idea. One of her sisters found out, told Tamar and she took care of it.

Sources also tell us that Vince’s weight loss surgery was an issue as well.

She’s always been super sensitive about Vince’s health. She wasn’t in 100% agreement that he should get it done. He went ahead and did it anyway.

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  1. So the abuse was fine until he went broke? I hope this isn’t the truth. I hope she’s leaving because she tired of being mistreated.

  2. I felt the same way I found it odd that once he went broke and she got a couple of albums out there and her career is taking off now she wants a divorce?

  3. i think Tamar won’t tell the whole truth until everything is final. Vince is spiteful, so she won’t talk about the abuse because she doesn’t want their custody situation to become a mess.

  4. Life is too short to be unhappy. It’s just good Tamar finally freed herself. And she was smart about it too.

  5. This reads like it came from a publicist. I guess they don’t want to tell the whole truth yet. I’m sure Towanda will soon though.

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