Vincent Herbert & Tamar Braxton Reconcile?

Reports have emerged that estranged couple Tamar Braxton and Vincent Herbert may be back on the mend, at least. According to blogger Fameolous, Vince was spotted multiple times at Tamar’s most recent tour stop.

This is interesting considering that Tamar told Vince she wanted another manager.

The two were able to be close enough to where he photo-bombed a photo-op with fans backstage at the concert.

Fameolous writes:

However, we got a photo of Vince Herbert at this week concerts & you can see him plain as day backstage with Tamar Braxton. FAMEOLOUS has always stated the so-called divorce is for ratings, tickets sales and another season of their show. Tamar has denied that idea claiming she wouldn’t play with GOD in that way and the two wouldn’t get back together. Well, it looks like that may not be so true.

We believe Tamar and Vince are still dealing with one another on the low & have come up with a brilliant plan to make money. Drama and messiness sells and it’s the easiest way to make money in 2017.

Check out the screenshot below.

Photo Credit: Fameolous
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  1. I know a lot of people think this divorce is just for TV. I’m starting to think so too. But if not, I hope Tamar isn’t back with this dude. He’s abusive.

  2. This is a whole shame if it’s true that this is all for money. No amount of money should motivate you to sell yourselves and your marriage out for a check. Is anything sacred anymore?

  3. People will do anything for these reality shows. Fake divorces, have babies, go to jail, fight, make s-x tapes, etc.

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