LHHMIA Recap: Veronica Says She’s Black, Again + Trina & Others Defend Her Usage of N Word

Amara and Young Hollywood discuss the night she slept over.

Amara says nothing happened with Young Hollywood when she spent the night over his house. The only reason she stayed that night was because she met him at the studio and she lives a great distance away from the studio.

Hollywood says they didn’t sleep together.

He says that she shouldn’t have stayed over if she doesn’t like him as a person. Amara says she tried to learn how to like him as a person but she gives up.

Amara says she’s frustrated that she always has to defend her hair and features to everyone else.

Hollywood says that her hair is curly and she doesn’t have a natural afro.

He then says he apologizes for how he came off at first about her hair. She calls him out for selling Afro Latino merchandise since the show has been on the air, and he then says he doesn’t see the big deal because Amara doesn’t even act like she’s a part of the black community.

Juju tries to school Hollywood and explains that Afro Latinos are black but still Latino. She explains they are from African descent and Hollywood then says everyone is from Africa.

It becomes clear once again that Hollywood refuses to be educated on Afro Latinos.

Nina then changes the subject.

Veronica says she didn’t think Amara would be mad about her going on a date with Young Hollywood. She says that the way Amara explained it didn’t sound as deep at first.

Nina then focuses her attention on Steph Lecor.

Steph denies playing both sides. Jojo says that’s nonsense.

Veronica tells Jojo to “shut the f*ck up” because she thinks she can talk down to people who don’t have money.

Jojo says she told Amara what Steph and Veronica said about her because she felt it was shady.

Amara says that she’s not going ever stop talking about colorism. Steph tells her it’s not about colorism and she’s offended by Amara’s actions “as a black woman.”

Steph feels like Amara is taking things out of context purposely to be looked at as a victim.

Hollywood says Amara is making things about colorism that aren’t about colorism to advance herself.

When she denies this, he gets angry and walks off the stage.

Juju goes off and says that Hollywood is an example of white Latinos who are ignorant about Afro Latinos.

Amara says that it’s ridiculous that Veronica says that she’s not real because she wears Afro extensions.

Steph and Veronica argue that it’s not about hair but Amara isn’t being herself because she’s wearing Afro extensions. Amara says her hair growing out her scalp is the same as the extensions. She wears the extensions to have a fuller look. Besides that, she doesn’t understand why her hair has to define her while others can change up their look without facing the same type of criticism.

Nina changes the topic and asks Veronica if she still considers herself to be a black woman.

Veronica once again says she’s black. Everyone else on the stage looks confused.

When Nina asks about non black people using the N-word, Trina has some interesting thoughts.

Trina says that you can’t tell people what they can say when it comes to the N-word because she’s been to Hong Kong and they say it there freely.

So Trina doesn’t feel like she has a right to check Veronica. Plus, she says that she has no issue with Veronica using the word because of the neighborhood that she’s from.

Juju says you can’t tell people what they can’t say, but we should use another word to refer to ourselves.

No one on the stage called Veronica out for using the word.

Prince and Michelle discuss their rivalry.

She calls out Prince for crashing her event and says it was a classless thing to do. He points out that Michelle crashed his event first with Shay and Liz. This of course led to Shay almost fighting Chinese Kitty, Gabby and Chinese Nicky.

When asked about what really happened between him and Gabby, producers show a bonus scene of Prince and Gabby kissing.

Liz gets angry and walks off the stage.

While Gabby tries to explain from a remote location why the kiss happened, Baby Blue goes in.

“I knew you was a groupie!” – Baby Blue

Prince tries to go backstage and console Liz but she tells him to get away from her.

When Prince returns to the stage, Prince says he was single at the time of the kiss. He says he really cares about Liz’s feelings.

Shay goes backstage to check on Liz. Miami Tip says that Liz still has feelings because they are still intimate. But Prince says they haven’t slept together in three months.

Shay tells Gabby that she should come back on the stage to speak her mind. She agrees and tells producers she won’t talk until Gabby is disconnected from her remote location because she doesn’t want to hear anything else Gabby has to say.

Production agrees to this and Gabby says her goodbyes. Liz returns to the stage.

Liz breaks down in tears and says she’s ready to move on from Prince.

“It’s done. I can’t do nothing to change it.” – Prince

Trina checks Shay.

Joy says that she and Trick separated because they couldn’t even get on the same page and communicate.

Trick says he will give her a divorce but he has to approve of her next man first.

Dawn says she feels he won’t cooperate because he’s selfish.

“I love Joy so much I just want to make sure she finds herself a good husband.” – Trick

Joy says she’s dating someone and Pleasure says they are just friends.

Nina then changes the topic to Shay’s blowup with Joy over Pleasure.

It is confirmed that Scrappy didn’t come to the reunion out of respect for his now wife Bambi.

When Shay and Joy are asked about their beef, it doesn’t take long before they start arguing.

Joy tells Shay she’s going to run up on the wrong person one day and get beat up.

When Nina asks Trina how she feels about Shay getting into it with Joy, she doesn’t hold back.

Trina says Shay should have checked Pleasure instead of trying to fight Joy. She feels that was a weak move, especially since Shay was fighting over Pleasure, a man who didn’t want to be with her.

She’s also furious that Shay was able to get a lick in on Joy before security intervened.

“But you hit her though!” – Trina

Shay apologizes for hitting Joy.

Gunplay and Keyara give an update on their relationship.

Miami Tip and Keyara play coy about what happened between them after the video shoot. They say Gunplay wasn’t a part of it.

Gunplay says that he didn’t tell Keyara about Tip because he didn’t feel he needed to.

Keyara discusses the ultimatum she gave Gunplay. She says it worked out because he actually went to rehab for himself.

Gunplay says he feels healthy and great. He says focusing on his music is keeping him away from drugs.

He’s on great terms with Keyara.

Jojo and her parents take the stage.

Jojo’s father Antonio confirms he shut down her store after she testified on behalf on her mother.

Antonio says he ended the marriage because she was using his money to take care of her friends.

Jojo’s mother says he was cheating on her while he was in Mexico.

Antonio says he was tired of paying her plastic surgery.

Jojo says that she still wants to have a good relationship with her father.

“I don’t want to talk about money. I just want him to be my dad.” – Jojo

The reunion ends with Amara performing her single, “Insecure.”


What are your thoughts on the episode?

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  1. Veronica only wants to pretend to be black so she can say the N word. The fact that all those black people on that stage haven’t dragged her for it is infuriating.

  2. VH1 and Mona have been getting dragged!! Maybe that’s why they haven’t posted the full episode on the website yet. They need to go ahead and fire Steph, Veronica and Young Hollywood.

  3. Mess. I can’t believe how ignorant some of these people are. And the fact that they don’t even mind being so ignorant on a platform that caters to a mainly black audience says a lot.

  4. I was irritated with a few things. One, why is Amara the only one calling out Veronica? I know Juju came to check Young Hollywood but she should have schooled Veronica as well instead of deflecting when she was asked about non black people saying the n word. And Trina sounded ignorant. What does someone’s neighborhood have to do with them getting pass for saying a word they shouldn’t be allowed to say. Class does not equal race. Black people aren’t walking around here calling other slurs meant for other poc. So why are they allowed to use the N word? I also don’t like how Trina and Joy tried to come for Shay. First of all, Joy was being messy and Shay confronted her about it. She talked big mess but wasn’t ready when it came down to throwing hands. That’s her bad. But Joy is a big girl. Trina doesn’t need to fight her battles and no one has to bow down to Trina. They do the same thing with Remy and it’s lame. They aren’t gods. They can be called out and no one has to give them respect when they aren’t giving it to others.

  5. Trina and everybody else who is black need they a-s whooped for not checking Veronica point blank period. Also Trina need to fall back I understand that’s your cousin but you can check Shay but couldn’t check Veronica on a more important issue. Trina might have punked Shay but she still pulled a weak move.

  6. To be honest they have been handling Veronica with kiddie gloves all season long. So I’m not surprised they did it again at the reunion. Notice Trina didn’t have that much patience and understanding with Bobby or Shay, one her cousin and the other another black woman. That’s really sad and Trina should be ashamed of herself.

  7. I’m not surprised about what Trina said at the reunion. We can’t forget how she didn’t check Veronica the first time when the season just started. But I sense that Amara wanted to say much more but didn’t because she knew no one else on the stage really cared. Mona already had to bring Juju to the reunion for her to have some support. I know she’s exhausted dealing with the constant ignorance.

  8. Unfortunately this is what happens when we make people feel like using the N Word is hip. Now everyone wants to do it.

    1. I’m not going to blame us for non black people being bold and ignorant. Especially when they use slurs endearingly but we as black people know we can’t use those same words. Veronica is playing stupid. She knows better but since no one is gong to slap the taste out of her mouth and idiots have chosen to defend her, this is where we end up.

  9. Dj Khalid, Pitbull, Fat Joe all examples of non blacks saying the word freely hell even J.Lo said it so yes Veronica thinks she gets a pass. All the way over Amara and her “victim” act, she mad in front of cameras but his friend when the cameras aren’t rolling. Juju wasn’t needed, this whole show needs a revamp with a new cast

    1. I agree . Why is everyone so mad at her. Y’all drag her for saying she black? Hell she might be. Y’all call her out so much but what about Afro -Latino? What her sleeping over Hollywood house and then dragging him on camera? Come on now let’s be fair

  10. I’m still waiting for Trina to have that same energy she had with Shay with Queen Khia. She’s weak.

  11. Everybody wants to be black just so they can say n-gga. But they won’t really want to live the whole life that comes with it. That’s what is so crazy. And Steph irks my nerves. She’s just as cringeworthy as Veronica. She reminds me of Sheree this season. They need to take the capes off.

  12. Is Mona serious with this bullsh-t? She’s getting bolder and bolder. Last season we had that caricature Lovely Mimi and now Dumb and Dumber (Young Hollywood and Veronica) on this show.

  13. I think no one wanted to call out Veronica about this because they didn’t want backlash from non black viewers. It’s the same thing happening now with RHOA. Most of the nonblack viewers are playing victim and defending Kim no matter how ignorant they sound.

  14. From the use of the f word to a non black person claiming to be black just to use the n word, it’s been a very disrespectful and offensive first season.

  15. I’m done with this show. The ignorance is overwhelming. And I’ve lost all respect for Trina. I love Amara’s song though.

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