Tamar Braxton Wore Blonde Wigs to Please Vince + Says All Women Should Do the Same

Photo Credit: Instagram

By: A.J. Niles

Tamar Braxton recently decided to cut off all of her hair amid her marital drama with estranged husband Vincent Herbert.

She talked about this recently on Steve Harvey’s daytime talk show. Tamar also brought up how she wore blonde wigs to please Vince.

She claims Vince is into light-skinned women that wear their hair blonde.

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  1. Why are men not required to follow these tips too? They can be overweight, and women are still the only ones expected to make sure we look the way they want us to. No thanks. I’ll rock whatever look that makes me happy.

  2. Tamar really needs to work on her self esteem. Trying to look like a white woman because Vince fetishizes them isn’t healthy.

  3. She’s already said in the past that Vince loves white women. Blonde white women so why did she just say fair skinned here? If you’re going to be on a segment about keeping it real, then you need to keep it real.

    1. Exactly, cause the more she talks the dumber she sounds. She wore blond wigs cause she liked them had nothing to do with him, cause he could have gotten him
      a real white girl with blond hair why settle for her…. duh

  4. Changing her appearance for her man has gotten her where exactly? Her a-s beat, embarrassed, probably cheated on and possibly divorced.

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