Karen Huger Calls out Ashley Darby

Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

“Real Housewives of Potomac” is back for a third season and the Twitter beefs are already in full effect.

As Karen Huger’s husband Ray and his tax debt remain the hot topic amongst the group, she is lashing out at the others.

And Ashley Darby is not exempt.

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  1. Why do these women care so much about Karen and Ray’s money? Especially Ashley when she should be busy trying to wing her mother off Michael’s money?

  2. Does Ashley not have enough problems of her own? It’s like they are all going to target Karen all season over this when all of them live in glass houses.

  3. Ashley really should have stayed quiet because Karen got her with that clapback but with that said Karen still looks bad in this situation. Had Karen not been portraying her self as the “grand dame” and so uppity and acting like she is better than everyone and all my ish together it wouldn’t be bad. But she was too busy faking and fronting and now everybody taking shots because that persona she been portraying has been exposed couple with the fact her ass still lying she still refuses to admit money troubles be real.It’s nothing wrong with admitting we struggling.

  4. I’m glad everyone is calling Karen out on her sh-t. She’s a compulsive liar and I’m tired of it. Everyone owns their stuff except Karen.

  5. I think everyone stays in Karen’s business because she is the one acting like she is so rich and above everyone else. She called her husband the black Bill Gates, well I’m sure Bill Gates wouldn’t be owing 5 Million in back taxes because he got that! Stop being so pretentious and humble urself a little, and maybe your so called friends would help support you through this tough time instead of clowning you. As for Ashley I heard before that she MAY be faking marital troubles for a storyline, did Karen just confirm this?

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