Safaree Samuels Says Cardi B is Winning Due to Her Personality, Shades Nicki Minaj

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By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

“Love and Hip Hop” star Safaree Samuels rose to fame thanks to a high-profile romance with Nicki Minaj.

The former couple was together for over a decade.

Despite their history, Safaree isn’t against throwing some shade at his ex and praising Cardi B, the female rapper many feel is her competition.

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  1. I agree with everything he said! I like Nicki too but both those songs were ok at best, I expected more since she was ghost for a few months

  2. If i like nicki then i like her now she has so f up ways but don’t we all she just need a real friend thats going 2 be there and tell her the real they both r winners

  3. The funny thing is people have higher standards for Nicki than they do Cardi. Cardi can’t even rap. She sounds like she has a hearing problem and is off beat most of the time. Her lyrics are also basic which makes it even more laughable that she still uses ghost writers. And her album is overrated. All she did was get in the studio and makes copycat tracks from other popular artists, including Nicki. I don’t even like Nicki but I’ll admit Chun Li is fire. That’s why it charted so quickly on Billboard. People are only hating Nicki now because it’s the thing to do right now. And Safaree needs to stop being bitter. He loved Nicki’s music when she was paying his bills.

  4. I’m starting to think this country has gotten significantly dumber in the last few years. Since when are we financially supporting people with no talent just because they are likable? If you’re a singer, I expect you to know how to sing. If you’re a rapper, I expect you to know how to rap. People have lowered the bar so low that it’s sad.

  5. I agree with him. Cardi does have a better personality. I like both but they are both rap artists but very different. If Nicki didn’t feel her as a threat she wouldn’t have been doing the most. She in my opinion waited for her to drop and then did that interview playing the victim and then dropped two mediocre songs to steer the attention from Cardi. She didn’t have to do that if she’s the Queen of Rap. It seemed done out of desperation which was disappointing to me. But i like them both and it’s room for them both.

  6. Says the man who shades and subs Nicki online daily. If he was a woman, the very ones agreeing with him would be calling him angry and bitter like y’all do Nicki. And somebody must love Chun Li and Barbie Tingz because they are number 9 and 25 on Billboard. Keep in mind they debuted in the 80s and 90s spots. Also both are the most added tracks to urban radio. Do the math! And he all but confirmed Cardi is only getting support for superficial reasons (it’s cool to hate Nicki and her personality). If that’s the case, at some point it won’t be enough anymore. Nicki has dominated because of her actual talent. Outrapping men on tracks and legendary verses is what every rapper should strive for, male or female. Cardi can’t do either and that’s just me being honest. The Nicki hate train won’t last forever though. Can Cardi win when the bangwagon ends?

  7. Oh shut the f-ck up Safaree. I remember how much of an a-shole Safaree was when he was on Nicki’s payroll. He was arrogant, talked sh-t online in defense of Nicki. His attitude was sh-t back then. He has repackaged himself like he’s some good dude/victim but he’s a snake set on destroying Nicki because the money train ended. Remember when he hit Nicki in the face with a suitcase and the cops came? So I guess a man can be bitter, abusive, petty, vindictive but a female has to have a likable personality to win. It’s amazing how black women are the main ones driving misogyny.

  8. Nah. It’s deeper than this. Cardi is supported because she has low self esteem and can be controlled by men in the business. She literally only does what she’s told so men back her (Atlantic, Charlemagne, Migos, etc).

  9. This likable personality crap is only required for women. For example, Kanye is not likable. He’s rude, attention seeking and calls himself a musical genius. He’s also a Trump supporter. But black men and women overwhelmingly look over this and say well his music is good so it doesn’t matter. I like Cardi but I’m not delusional. If she was a fully black woman, she’d be dragged for how she acts like being pregnant on the floor humping on the stage during her Coachella performance and fighting on a reality show. She’d be dragged for promoting being in a gang. Imagine if Cardi was dark skinned! She would not get by being mediocre. Nor would her personality be enough to be as huge as she is. It’s like we’re in the twilight zone. Donald Trump is president and we’re cool with people like Cardi B winning and hoping Nicki goes away.

  10. Safaree really needs to grow up. All he does is talk about Nicki in interviews. That’s exactly why he will never get out of her shadow.

  11. Wow! He needs to stop answering questions about Nicki because it makes him look like a b!$&!. I’m neither a fan of Nicki’s or Cardi B but he has a point about personality. People are going to gravitate more towards someone they can relate to. That’s a scientific fact! Nicki seems to always be on guard and posed for the public. She never lets us see her dressed down. Cardi seems more carefree and relaxed. She doesn’t care about her flaws. Down-to-earth people are always going to attract their own kind, and possibly lots of the opposite kind, because people are more comfortable approaching them.

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