Watch: Ashley Darby Tells Michael She Won’t Cut off Her Mother

Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

On the current season of “Real Housewives of Potomac,” Ashley Darby and her husband Michael Darby have decided to work on their strained marriage.

One hurdle for the couple is Ashley’s desire to keep taking care of her mother financially.

Michael told Ashley she needs to cut her off but Ashley tells him she won’t be doing that on the upcoming episode.

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  1. Sis is about to lose her husband for a mother who abandoned her for some d-ck. Make it make sense.

  2. Ashley about to lose her meal ticket and her mom meal ticket too. Ashley needs to be realistic if she loses Michael she damn sure won’t be able to support her mom she would have a hard time supporting herself she don’t work.

  3. I wouldn’t cut my mom off either. She’s her mother and she needs her help. Her husband shouldn’t hold that over her head to have to pick between her marriage and her mom.

    1. Oh, but her deadbeat boyfriend should continue to live rent free. I’d cut her off, let her boyfriend take care of her. Ashley is gonna mess around and need a place to stay herself. Michael bought your mom a house, Ashley is probably paying the note with money she earns working for Michael, i don’t blame Michael, i wouldn’t however, put my own head in a noose.

    2. true but than she needs to find a way to support her mother because her husband should not have to pay for her

  4. He needs to go ahead and divorce her. It’s dysfunctional for anyone to expect a grown and wealthy man to be okay with financially supporting a deadbeat man. Michael has done enough for Ashley and her mother. Buying her a house and all. But he doesn’t have to keep doing it when Sheila’s boo refuses to get a job. And Ashley isn’t smart. As soon as Michael leaves, she won’t be able to support her mother anymore. A real mother wouldn’t even put their daughter in this position.

  5. Ashley already admitted that she is afraid to stop giving her mom money because she feels her mom wouldn’t want to be in her life if there wasn’t money involved. I think that says a lot. It doesn’t seem like her mom really cares about her. So I don’t think she’s worth ruining a marriage for but whatever.

    1. And, why would i relish this kind of mother. If i have to buy one, let me buy one without a bum tied to her that i don’t like. Let me buy one that instills something in me besides pity. Her mom is a loser, yes it’s her mom & will always be but she’s not thinking of her daughter she doesn’t care she might lose her husband, she’s not trying to lose her man.

  6. You can’t compare Ashley’s situation to you and your mother unless your mother is also getting in relationships with homeless men and living in a tent because she’ll accept anything just to have a man. Ashley’s mother is a hot mess who clearly doesn’t value herself or her kids as much as the bums she lays up with. I’m glad Michael is done enabling her toxic behavior. I honestly see them divorcing soon.

  7. Sigh…Ashley refuses to see the bigger picture and that’s unfortunate. A divorce seems likely.

  8. Let’s be real here. Michael is the one taking care of Ashley’s mom. Not Ashley. Her little Bravo check ain’t that damn big to be buying her mom a house, etc. So if Michael is the one doing the spending, he has a right to say he doesn’t want to do it anymore. He was rich before Ashley. He’ll be rich after her. So she needs to decide what to do here. Give up her rich husband for her mom and her bum a-s boyfriend. Or step back and allow mommy to finally grow up and take care of herself like she’s supposed to. No one is obligated to help someone who doesn’t want to help themselves.

  9. Ashley is very immature so she can’t see this situation for what it is. Her mother is just using her and Michael has caught on and is done with it. As he should be.

  10. I just don’t understand how anyone can be on Ashley’s side. Let’s stick to the facts here. Her mom is with a deadbeat and has been for 15 years. He doesn’t have a job and he was homeless when she started dating him. Ashley’s mom refuses to leave him and she’s been using money from Michael to support her and this unemployed boyfriend. Michael works hard to support him and Ashley. Why doesn’t Ashely respect him enough to accept that he’s tired of supporting an unemployed bum and her mom who refuses to do better for herself? I’m telling you, sometimes you family can be worse than a stranger.

  11. Ashley disgusts me. Like her mom really isn’t trying to better herself but she’s going to fight Michael about what he can do with his own money? Girl goodbye. Take care of your trifling momma on your own dime!

  12. Her mother is a gold digger by proxy, that takes some serious maniplulative skills people,it looks like Ashley has been buying for her love for some time now with no avail. The sad part is if Micheal wasn’t in the picture I seriously doubt she would have any interest in a relationship with her daughter at all. Sad to see Ashley have such little self esteem.

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