RHOP Star Candiace Dillard Defends Herself + Shades Gizelle Bryant & Charrisse Jordan

RHOP newbie Candiace Dillard had enough with the shade about her finances.

Charrisse Jordan’s shade about the engagement ring broke the camel’s back and Candiace swung back with shade of her own.

After saying Charrisee had a “shady b**** moment,” things went off the rails a bit. Charrise and Gizelle tried to confront her on the geriatric comment Candiace made in the episode, but Candiace stood her ground.

After the episode aired, Candiace unleashed a fury of tweets aimed directly at¬†Charrise and Gizelle. Not only did she not back down from the age shade, she alleged Gizelle and Charisse’s exes still pay for their things. Candiace pointed out that Gizelle’s ex cheated on her, and she’s forced to “fight for alimony,” and had a point for Robyn.

Check out the tweets below.Candiace Dillard Twitter shadeCandiace Dillard Twitter shadeCandiace Dillard Twitter shadeCandiace Dillard Twitter shadeCandiace Dillard Twitter shadeCandiace Dillard Twitter shade

Candiace Dillard also joined Andy Cohen and Karen Huger on “Watch What Happens Live” Sunday night. A fan called in and asked why she didn’t address Charrisse’s wedding ring shade right away. Candiace told the caller, “My mom taught me to respect my elders.”

Andy Cohen brought up to Candiace that she’s doing a lot of “age-shaming,” to which Candiace said, “They started it.” She also said they took shots at her for her age.

Karen interjected on Candiace’s side, saying, “Return serve, Andy.”

Overall, Candiace wanted to establish boundaries with Charisse early and Candiace felt she crossed those lines with her shade.

Check out the clip below.

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  1. How do you shade someone for getting child and spousal support when your mom takes care of you at 30 years old?

  2. Gizelle is actually more self sufficient than Candiace is though. Her makeup line is now being sold in Target. Meanwhile Candiace’s mother had to fund her IG weave bundle business that I’ve never even heard of.

  3. So Candiace is really out here dragging women smart enough to marry men who provide while her momma is supporting her man. Okay girl.

  4. dont like candace. doesnt fit. she can stand up for herself but make sure she doesnt get to the point where they refuse to film with her. shes a child. or at least acts like one

  5. Exactly, she just got there & I’m ready for her to go. She’s a big kid or needs to go sit in the corner somewhere, she talking smack to the wrong people & she doesn’t fit in. The other’s are women she acts & talks like a fool. For real nobody cares that her mama is taking care of her & is helping her buy a man, she’s not even married yet. I don’t believe ole dude bought her ring, how bout that. I doubt he got the credit for it, he might be making the payments now but her ma’s credit got it out the store….

  6. Candiace is telling the truth. I would rather live off my mom than the church or A MAN. And at least Candiace OWNS HER real estate Giselle is about to be 50 with nothing

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