Mama Jones Accuses Chrissy Lampkin of Cheating on Jim Jones

Did Chrissy cheat on Jim Jones
Photo Credit: WE tv

By: A.J. Niles

The relationship between Jim Jones’ mom and Chrissy Lampkin is strained at best. Chrissy and Jim had to always fight off people coming for their relationship. However, they had to recently deal with Jim’s mom saying some really negative things about Chrissy.

During the season finale of “Marriage Boot Camp: Family Edition,” an apparent line is crossed by Mama Jones, causing major damage to their strained relationship.

In fact, Mama Jones’ allegations lead Chrissy to tell viewers their relationship could never change.

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  1. So messy. And I honestly don’t think Chrissy cheated but Jim was so calm about it like he’s heard this before.

  2. If a man cheats i see nothing wrong with a woman returning the favor Yes two wrongs don’t make a right but one person being faithful don’t make it right either. Jim is no saint

  3. That old snake need to mind her business or get some. Chrissy isn’t married to Jim so, it ain’t his mama’s business and from the sound of things she’s not even living with him. Duh, mind your business old lady. You driving in someone else’s lane, all over the place.

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